@octoprint Is there a reason why i don't see the update yet in OctoPrint's updater?

Aside from this, great work! Thank you!

@3DPrintingDad And love the concept of them driving engagement with rewards like filament spools or merch.

@3DPrintingDad It‘s so much better! I really like the community over there. Thingiverse was just spam and reposting.

i3 MK3S+ build finished. First print is perfect.🔥
Better than expected and definitly a huge upgrade to my old Ender 3 Pro.

I am confident of getting the E-Axis done today.
Looking forward to the Haribo reward!
#prusa #i3 #3dprinting

Started assembling my new Prusa MK3S+ as an upgrade from my modded Ender 3 Pro.
One of the best assembly instructions i‘ve read.
First load of gummy bears incoming.

#3dprinting #prusa

Dann sags ich's auch mal hier: Ahoi 👋
Erster Umzug ist geschafft. 📦

Bei mir gibt's:

@0fury Ahoi 👋 Jetzt muss ich nur noch die cache-invalidation abwarten bevor im endgültig den Account umziehen kann..


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