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In my NODES keynote today, we ran a live demo of a social app with more people nodes than FB (!), backed by a trillion+ relationship graph sharded across more than 1,000 servers, executing deep, complex graph queries that return in <20 ms.

And we open sourced it for the world.

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"I wanted PGP to be used for human rights applications—to spread all over the world, especially to places where people needed protection from their own governments. But I couldn't say that out loud, because it would help the prosecutor prove intent." philzimmermann.com/EN/essays/P

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TIL that mysqldump will screw up emojis by default.

Your MySQL backups are broken by default.

I knew that MySQL screws up emojis by default, and you need to create databases as utf8mb4. But it turns out you *also* need to specify it as a commandline option when making dumps.

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The @ThePSF@twitter.com election has < 48 hours remaining, and we need at least 90 more votes!

We're currently at 422 votes out of 1535 eligible voters (27.49%), and need to reach quorum (33.33%).

If you're a voting member, please vote! Voting will close at the end of June 17th, 2020 AoE.

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We're developing hard- and software solutions based on C#/.NET for chemical analysis as well as cloud solutions based on Python/Django. Looking for experienced Engineers. Please let me know if you're interested ☺️ twitter.com/m_holtermann/statu

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I'm hiring a senior C#/.NET engineer as well as a senior front-end engineer () at micro-biolytics. Either on-site in Berlin, Esslingen, or Frankfurt or remote in Germany. DMs are open.

We build cool hardware and software to analyze liquids and chemicals. ⚗🧪🧫🧬🔬

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Accidentally close a tab? No sweat.

Ctrl/command + shift + T will bring it right back.

(But also, maybe it's okay to close a tab every once in a while? There'll always be plenty more where that came from.)

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oh, you want to blather about “why doesn’t PSF have a multi CDN strategy”…

consider the Million and Billion dollar companies with entire org structures to put behind such an effort, and compare it to me, a single human bean.

then consider funding the PSF to change that.

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After the IT security incident @TUBerlin@twitter.com, where also personal data has been acquired by the attacker, phishing mails start to appear—and I must admit that they are quite clever. Watch out!

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✨This SaaS CTO Security checklist is a goldmine!

I'd recommend anyone tech focused to review and implement these practices. Many are straightforward and bring tangible *-sec improvement 🌄


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I just found this amazing GitHub repo👇🏻

It contains all the free available programming books.

If you enjoy learning from books, this is perfect for you!


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In west Texas, storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime last night (May 17, 2021), with this fantastic shot of a mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights from the setting sun.

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Update: Auf Nachfrage erklärt das @drk_steglitz@twitter.com, dass bis 16 Uhr Impfwillige aus dem ganzen Alt-Bezirk Schöneberg vorbeikommen können, also aus den Ortsteilen und .

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All of you make DjangoCon Europe possible: speakers, attendees, sponsors & volunteers! ❤️🙌

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2021 will go into the history books as the event when the question "What was first, hen or egg?" was finally answered. Thank you @AdamChainz@twitter.com @DjangoConEurope@twitter.com

Oh, look, it's @mjtamlyn@twitter.com and me in a talk by @pauloxnet@twitter.com about and at @DjangoConEurope@twitter.com

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