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50 years ago, Apollo 11 took a historic journey to the Moon. Go back in time with @googlearts@twitter.com to relive the story of the moon landing through science, tech, art and culture β†’ g.co/moonlanding

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This is why every website needs to be hosted on https. The days of ethical ISPs are over. twitter.com/datashed/status/11

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The only "10x engineers" I know are those that are able to empower a team of ten people thanks to great documentation, good interpersonal communication, and the realisation that the best code is the standard, non-shiny code that everyone can understand and work on.

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β€œYou appear to be advocating a new _______ programming language. Your language will not work. Here is why.” famicol.in/language_checklist. :)

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Since it was surprising to me that 127.257 and 2130706433 are pingable addresses, I wrote up my findings and a short explanations for people unfamiliar with how IPv4 addresses look under the hood: rixx.de/blog/fun-legacy-ip-add

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I saw a version of the talk the other day at @pythonberlin@twitter.com. It is really good!

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Since I realize the competition for the 10:30 slot is very stiff, I’m gonna spill the plot twist of my talk right now: it’s very relevant even if the project _IS_ your job. I’m sharing tools and approaches to efficiently maintain Python packages. Pls come.

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tests: 1 passed, 1 total

**all tests passed**

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Today we released Firefox 68 with a color contrast audit feature in the dev tools. Before, you could inspect individual elements for color contrast. Firefox now offers a full page color contrast audit that identifies all elements on a page that fail color contrast checks.

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When you're trying to write code with the new version of the framework but all the tutorials are for the old version

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And to be clear, I didn't. πŸ˜„πŸ™ƒ

You thought you know IPv4 addresses? Let me tell you something:


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I learnt today that IP addresses can be shortened by dropping the zeroes.
Examples: β†’ http://1.1 β†’ http://192.168.1
This bypasses WAF filters for SSRF, open-redirect, etc where any IP as input gets blacklisted.

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πŸ”’ Rate Limiting πŸ”’

1/ Conventional rate limits strategies, like # of requests per minute, don’t translate very well to a GraphQL API. This is because the load on our servers is not only related to the amount of requests, but mainly to the *content* of those requests.

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All Hands on Deck - Handling Security Issues, catch @m_holtermann@twitter.com from @crateio@twitter.com speaking at Lead Dev Berlin 6 December 2019 @TheLeadDev@twitter.com ow.ly/BwNJ50uWHbS

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I'm kinda relived that the forecast for Berlin predicts temperatures above 25Β°C only from the middle of next week. Because this way I can keep aclimatizing for Australian winter.

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