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🇳🇴 Oslo:

▪️ seit 1990: City-Maut

▪️ seit 2017: temporäre Fahrverbote für alle Diesel

▪️ 2019: Umwandlung von 700 Parkplätzen für 🚴‍♀️&🚶‍♀️

▪️ ab 2025: Keine Neuzulassung von Verbrennerfahrzeugen

▪️ 0 (null) getötete 🚴‍♀️&🚶‍♀️ in 2019

🇩🇪 Berlin:

▪️ bewirbt sich für die

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📝 Open Call for Papers!
If you think you have something great to talk about at Europe 2020 – submit your idea! 😃

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QR Code mit dem LinkedIn Profil aufm Notebookdeckel und dann im Zug Firmeninterna rausposaunen. Deutschland, deine Führungskräfte.

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Twitter verse: I'm looking for suggestions for a meeting room for 24 people during the day in , ideally .

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Können wir das bitte auch haben? Strafen sollten exponentiell ansteigen und solche Überschreitungen sollten richtig, richtig weh tun. twitter.com/DerGraslutscher/st

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Our very own @sometimes_milo@twitter.com and @autophagian@twitter.com hosted their first-ever devops workshop with the help of @pyladiesber@twitter.com. This post tells you what they did and what they learned in the process. crate.io/a/what-we-learned-hos

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Regardless of how great or terrible they are, I wanna try them. Can one of my Aussie friends save me one for later this year.

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Whoever did this I just want to know. Who hurt you?

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⏲️ As of today, we have about eighteen years to go until the Y2038 problem occurs.

But the Y2038 problem will be giving us headaches long, long before 2038 arrives.

I'd like to tell you a story about this.

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I understand there are flit and poetry, but I'd rather not rely on more tools than I need to.

Python 3.8.1
pip 19.3.1
setuptools 45.1.0

Is it already possible with setuptools and pip to solely rely on pyproject.toml? I can't seem to get the metadata loaded from the `[project]` section:

$ python -m pip install .
Building wheel for UNKNOWN (PEP 517) ... done
$ cat pyproject.toml
name = "xyz"

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For everyone outside of Australia: @pyconau@twitter.com would love to see you speak or attend at our event ❤️ start thinking about it now!

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Having been to Italy 🇮🇹 and Australia 🇦🇺—countries where I believe people have a high standard on their daily coffee—I've always been disappointed by the coffee in the cafés close to my apartment. But not today. I tried the dozen-and-first café and are happy. 🙂☕

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Today my Head of Department emailed me about something. It sounded urgent, though it's odd he switched to using a Gmail address [thread]

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A friend once shared what she called the Parable of the Choir: A choir can sing a beautiful note impossibly long because singers can individually drop out to breathe as necessary and the note goes on.

Social justice activism should be like that, she said.

That's stuck with me.

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Kubernetes is definitely *not* the future. It’s like the JavaScript ecosystem, we’ve just over engineered the problem until we created an experience that just compounds complexity into an unsolvable state.

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Hey you all. I am trying to find the person who owns or created @DjangoConAfrica@twitter.com in September 2017. If you created it, may you please please get in touch with me, thanks 🙏🙏🙏

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Did you know there is an info command that often gives you way more in-depth information than simple man pages? It's very good

- obscure so you can feel good about using it
- doesn't use regular pager so you have to learn how to use it every time
- intuitive interface (pictured)

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Also the unironic best bit of Star Wars is the loving creation of various planet landscapes and exobiology. Very splendorous

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1) If you interpret it as a panorama of tropes, it's pretty fun
2) It seems it's okay to basically repeat the same story indefinitely, which bodes well for mythology
3) I can kinda see why people find Kylo Ren hot. Like a young Snape if he's been punched in the face a few times

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