Since this tweet has, well, at least a high attention rate, when compared to most of my tweets (which have zero). Allow me to elaborate.
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@existentialcoms [points at the huge AI machinery] has sand for a brain. Enormously processed and very specific sand, but still...

We have bombarded a large portion of Humanity (at least all users of Facebook and Youtube) with an ML/AI algorithm that had one primary task:
"Keep the user engaged and on the platform!"

This algorithm wasn't at all intelligent, but it found out via training, that the thing that engages most users is emotional content.

So there's a lot of cute cat/otter/etc images, that essentially make everyone go 'awww'! That tends to be very successful on social media platforms and then there is the 'triggering' content.

What I mean by 'triggering' is, it makes you angry about a specific group or person. That content is also extremely successful on social media platforms, because it is engaging.

On the other hand, content that makes you question things, or think in general, is hugely unsuccessful.

If you think about that, you will realize, that what this does to either conservative or liberal groups is, that it will put them in an echo-chamber with other people like them and then gradually increase the hate-o-meter on the posts they get delivered.

The machine behind this, does this to engage users emotionally. There is no secret agenda. We are quite literally wasting our potential for meaningful discourse for social media success.


And if you are one of the 2-12 persons that this thread will reach, you can simply monitor how hugely unsuccessful it is compared to some of the vile shit conservatives AND liberals are spouting at each other.

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