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I sexually identify as the old car you see on the road that you can't believe is still running

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Erstmals branchenübergreifende Weitergabe des Friseur Namen-Virus bestätigt.

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Warum heißt es eigentlich Mixed Martial Arts und nicht

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The Book of Imaginary Beings, by Jorge Luis Borges (1957)

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Kind (6) kann noch nicht lesen.
Daher will ich ihr nach neuem Login auf Spotify ihr Hörbuch (Spirit, wilde Mustang) suchen.

Kind: „Nein! Kann ich selber!“

Öffnet mit 🔎 die Suchfunktion, tippt das Emoji 🐎 in das Suchfeld und wählt aus den Ergebnissen das Icon ihres Hörbuchs.

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Seeing this in the wild.

ISO file is Defender scan bypass and lnk inside is SmartScreen bypass as no MOTW (mark of the web). DLL password protected for scan bypass and loaded by PS and 7zip. twitter.com/k3dg3/status/15273

Suppose I wanted to create a statically generated site, exclusively for posting photos. I would like to be able (at least theoretically) to expand some of the site generator's functionality via a plugin or by sending a patch. That means in terms of languages I'm limited to professional Python and barely conversational JavaScript.

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English teacher was on leave.
So Maths teacher was asked to teach English....

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I sent her a “hey, make sure you protect your time away from work, you’re not obligated to be available outside of work hours, I’m for sure not.”

“Oh I don’t mind!”

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