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they're playing in the empty toilet paper aisle i'm scREAMING
credit to

RT Um den Ernst der Lage zu verdeutlichen!

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This is a collection of lectures and labs Linux kernel topics.

The lectures focus on theoretical and Linux kernel exploration.

Aufruf zur : Frankfurter, meldet Euch in der Telegramgruppe Eures Stadtteils an und unterstützt die, die es brauchen! ❤💪
Jetzt heißt es, zusammen zu halten, egal welche Hautfarbe, welches Alter, welche Herkunft!🐨

New to Check out this amazing crowd-sourced guide created by the community!

Everything from basic settings to classes, vehicles, and construction - the war for Auraxis never ends, but our community is here to welcome you into the fray!

Ich hab grad gemerkt was für ein dummes Wort 'Damenmannschaft' eigentlich ist.

I just typed 'derploy' instead of 'deploy' and maybe the univers is trying to tell me something.

Now it's your turn to either try these or add more in this thread that you like and that I missed.


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Neat little puzzle-game where you need to get the highes possible number by combining '3' s. Nice soundtrack, highly addictive. (Free version with Ads)

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A puzzle game around challenging networking problems build by the Science Museum of UK, no ads, no tracking, just puzzle fun with a great soundtrack.
Google Play:
Apple Store:

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A cooperative looter/shooter that is really beautiful given its age, where you play super-space-ninjas with very cool weapons and their own private space-craft.
More info at:

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A MMOFPS (and iirc the only one of it's kind) with massive battles that recently became overhauled in a big way.
Check it out at

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So due to a lot more ppl sitting at home with more free time as usual at their hands, here are some Free-To-Play Games I can highly recommend:

The memes coming out of Spain are simply first class. Keep it up! We all need love and humour to keep us human these days. h/t

"Second day at home"

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Gerade bei Tichys Einblick gelesen: In Deutschland soll es schon über eine Milliarde Infizierte geben.

Activities with low risk of contracting COVID-19:
-Petting your dog
-Playing with your dog
-Rewatching Breaking Bad
-Looking at your dog
-Reminding your dog that he/she is a "good dog"
-Open-water swimming
-Replying to this with a picture of your dog(s)

glaubt ihr die supermarktregale fotografieren manchmal auch die leere in uns

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