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Jobs im -Bereich sind ja eher rar. Bei @unsereOEBB haben's eine offene Stelle für einen/eine „Daten Management Officer (m/w/d) Open Data und Datenaufbewahrung“:

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Pet peeve: whenever someone loftily says "your culture is broken." Really? Is EVERYTHING about the culture broken? What hellscapes hast thou seen, on heaven or on earth!

It's refusing to do the work of specificity and diagnosis, without which nobody can fix the damn thing.

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Beim nächsten Tor der Italiener... ⚽️ 😆

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@Flo_Rian @waki_miko @anked Wie geil, klettert mit Bewertungen von 2 auf über 4, weil die Nutzer beim neuen "in-app rating" denken, sie würden Restaurants bewerten.

Gewusst wie, Chapeau an die Entwickler 🤪

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@Echtjetzt5 Um es mit Martin Perscheids Worten zu sagen..

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@jtestart @igor_os777 You can use CTRL+R (repeatedly) and start typing to search for previous commands ;)
Or use "grep 'something-new' " and press ALT+. (to get the last command's last argument, again ;)

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Still embarrassed that when slightly cut yesterday, and around people for the first time in 1.5 years, I referred to the Lambada variant.

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Ich könnte mich wegschmeißen bei sowas 😂😂😂

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This is as simple as it gets.

You literally cannot dumb it down any more than this.

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Perpetual onboarding is purgatory.

Du merkst, wie lange du weg von der Technik warst, wenn du irgendwo ganz selbstverständlich eine 10.X.X.255 IPv4 Adresse einträgst und dich dann wunderst, dass das nicht klappt.

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Annalena Baerbock hat schon mal Alufolie auf den Kompost geworfen.

Damn, this was filmed in 1991 as actual teaching material for managers, what if it wasn't obvious to them and they all took notes for that last 5 minutes.

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Because I understood that this obviously was a joke, then I remembered how many managers with that exact attitude I encountered during my working life and thought to myself:

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I was just watching this amazing piece on creativity by @JohnCleese and laughed away when he explained in detail how to prevent creativity in your company for the last few minutes.

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"24 visitors are looking at this product right now" 😂

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