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I suppose, it's time to dig up some old favourites ...

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The world is hot trash at the moment so watch this and enjoy your day.

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Gerade diese Signatur in einer geschäftlichen Mail gesehen: „My working hours may not be your working hours. Please do not feel obligated to reply outside of your normal work schedule.“

Find ich gut.

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I want to produce a coffee table book that’s just pictures of LAN parties from the 90s and 2000s

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Me : i.e. if you started a DevOps and IaaS program today, then at any scale it'll be 2028 before you complete, most of the world by then will have accepted serverless as the future norm, you will have built the new legacy and be at least a decade+ behind where you need to be.

"Ein Mohnbrötchen, bitte!" - "Mohnbrötchen gibt's nur am Wochenende!" - "??????"

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@ShivEnigma I don't want a folding phone unless it's doing this

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"Emily, what is it like being in tech for a long time?"

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If Watermelon exists, why doesn't Airmelon, Firemelon and Earthmelon?
.....The Elemelons

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Ich gründe ne eigene Partei.



„Wir wissen‘s doch auch nicht!“

„Kann ich nich und will ich auch nich.“

„Wir ham doch auch keine Lust, aber einer muss ja!“

„Kerrgehmirbloßwech, du Paias!“

„Wir können auch nix, aber wir tun auch nich so!“

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Apologies if you’ve already seen a puppy riding q chicken today 🐔

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"Wusstet ihr, dass es Delfintherapie auch mit Kühen gibt?"
"Ertrinken die nicht?"
".... ALTER."

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