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Gift cards and tickets will be refunded. More information on possible alternatives will be coming soon.

@ashweb1 There will be donation options indeed.

2/2 To all orga and all visitors: thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything you've done. Let's meet each other as soon as possible! Take care, stay safe!

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1/2 After careful consideration and with great regret we have to announce that MCH2021 is cancelled. Tickets will be refunded. More information will follow in the next three weeks. Alternatives are being researched; there are many considerations.

Over 1100 total tickets have been sold, with 120 early birds still available:

The deadline for the Call for Participation for is this Monday, Feb 1, so if you want to give a talk or workshop, this weekend is the time to submit:

10 days left until the deadline for the Call for Participation:

We now have 1000 regular tickets sold, half of the gift cards have been redeemed, and there are still about 175 early bird tickets up for grabs:

Today at 13.37, the bug bounty program for the CoronaMelder-app started. Bounties are ranging from a hoodie to a ticket for !

We have an orga meet tomorrow at 14:00 on Mumble, with team and terrain planning updates:

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I just submitted my Call for Participation (CfP) entry for @mch2021 - the #Dutch hacker camp in August, 2020.

Have you, too? Time is starting to get tight ;).

There are still 300 early bird tickets available for (and almost 900 total tickets sold!):

It's already 2021, which means one month until the deadline for the Call for Participation:

A little over a month left to submit your talk/workshop ideas for :

There are 1000 tickets early bird tickets (and about half of those are already sold).

For more details:

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