The Call for Participation ends in two months and two weeks, and there are still plenty of openings for your presentation or workshop ideas for :

There will be an MCH2021 Orga meeting tomorrow at 14:00, including sneak peeks of the designs. If you want to volunteer, join in on Mumble:

@askarel @Flo_m77 @techsupgore @RoxaeCrash @altf4arnold We don't currently have plans to, but feel free to make your own custom cables and bring them!

@rabbitatnet Not yet, but it should be up soon.

Reminder that the MCH2021 Call for Participation is still open, so if you have a talk or workshop idea, submit your proposal:

Organizing is in full swing! Read about how we're handling the current covid-19 situation:

Major news for the badge: is joining to bring to the masses! We will host the world's largest FPGA workshop on camp!

Our friends from @emfcamp are doing a commemorative T-shirt, visit their blog (and store):

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Something To Look Forward To: MCH2021 Call For Participation

As we stare dejectedly at our screens and consider what might have been during the 2020 summer that didn’t quite happen, here’s a little something to look forward to in a future where the COVI…

Original tweet :

Almost 500 gift cards sold so far. Get your MCH2021 gift card now at!

There will almost certainly be child tickets, but no ticket prices have been determined yet, adult or child.

You can now buy gift cards that can be redeemed later for MCH tickets at our ticket shop:

And yes, if the number of gift cards sold ends up being more than the number of available tickets, we will have to close the shop until the ticket sales start.

Why are we doing gift cards now? It gives us some idea of the amount of interest in the event. Which, given by the amount of gift cards sold in the first day, seems to be a lot!

The gift card money will be deducted from the total ticket order, so it will count if you want to add a t-shirt for example.

We came up with the idea before covid-19, because it serves as crowd-funding and gives us early cash flow. This is less urgent now, but still welcome.

People can also basically reserve tickets without having to spend the full amount for a ticket.

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