The ticket shop for is online! Get your early bird tickets:

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@mch2021 Can't afford it, no friends tickets and even working with the orga won't get me a ticket.

I guess poor people aren't wanted at your event. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@phryk if you can't afford the full price right now you're welcome to get in touch via email at and perhaps we can work something out.

@mch2021 Well, I currently have exactly *zero* income.

I'd be willing to just put in honest work, but already tried going that route for SHA and was told that the orga would decide on whether I'd be granted a ticket only *after* putting in the work – a deal I didn't take for obvious reasons.

I'm not gonna pour labour into an event where I don't even know if I'll be allowed to attend…

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