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Seeing more more and more submissions for the MCH2022 CfP coming in now that the deadline is approaching. We want even more!

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Fediverse, we hope to have a hacker camp in the Netherlands this Summer (yes, COVID-willing), do propose your talks at and here's an additional blogseries on what we're looking for: #MCH2022 (boosts are most welcome)

Less than a month to submit your proposal to the MCH2022 Call for Participation:

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Remember our MCH2021 commemorative merch order closes next Saturday - so get yours while you can ;)

In a parallel world, we would be building up right now. To not let the event-that-wasn’t go by unnoticed, there is a T-shirt! And a hoodie! And, because of its unparalleled popularity with the pre-order, a safari hat. Be quick, though: this is a one-time batch, and we’re putting in our final order at 14-08-2021!

We hope to see you next year at MCH2022! – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community