"Sรณ tem medo desses muros
quem tem muros no pensar
Todos sabemos do pรกssaro
cรก dentro a querer voar"

Josรฉ Mรกrio Branco (1942 - 2019)

Meine Damen und Herren, der ICE nach Frankfurt (Main)... ๐ŸŽต

Well, fuck.

(for all ye German non-speakers, my train to return home was cancelled)

7am sky over right outside the Impact Hub, right before day 1.

Only posting it now because I have been busy helping at the event all day. Enjoy!

The Impact Hub in has a shelf at the entrance with a collection of tiny plants. I didn't ask what it is for, but I saw random people come in and add a plant to the shelf, so I guess it is some kind of plant exchange?

I find this a lovely idea and will try to organize a plant exchange in my city.

Maybe I should run my own peertube and post techniques. Like and stitches, and patterns and stuff. Who would be interested in such a thing? Or is there a peertube instance devoted to these topics already?

(boosts appreciated)

It was 11.30pm. I got home and opened all doors to the garden to cool down the rooms. I sat on the couch in complete darkness to prevent bugs from flying in. I heard a ticking sound approaching, and suddenly Milli the Cat appeared and started rubbing her head against my feet.

ยฏ\_ (ใƒ„) _/ยฏ

I dont know what surprises me more: that there are people who really do this, or that the scooter was still there after 45min.

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