@megfault we explore the broader problem of golden visas more in Gold for Visas: occrp.org/en/goldforvisas/

Two iPhones with 512GB storage each have more total storage than all Commodore 64’s ever made (about 15 million) combined.

Der ganze Elterntaxi-Wahnsinn im US-Maßstab an einer Grundschule. Und rundherum schönes, flaches Fahrradland… twitter.com/yann_rouen/status/

Just in case you missed it:

Manyverse, the mobile app for the off-the-grid social network Scuttlebutt, has now been released on F-droid:


#ScuttleButt #SSB #Manyverse #OffTheGrid #MeshNetworks #SocialNetworks

(via @sifr )

@enkiv2 @grainloom We've gone from remote terminals & servers to fully functional computers and back again.

The circle of computer life!

1988: "The computer only does what you tell it to."
1998: "The computer only does what Microsoft and/or a script kiddie with winnuke tells it to."
2008: "The computer only does what Google tells it to."
2018: "The computer only renders arbitrary web pages."

python is pretty cool

i can appreciate it after spending some more time learning it today

@lynnesbian "we shaved a 57-year-old construction worker named Buck and slapped some makeup on him, what do you think?"

It's folly to think that everyone who disagrees with you is not only wrong, but evil. Let's agree where we can agree. Sometimes we need to get past the triggers and keywords to get deeper to what we agree with.

#uspol #pol #reachacross

Got my new #vegan sneakers from recycled plastic!

If you're interested in such things:

(It's not an ad, I just happen to like them)

"Detecting the use of "curl | bash" server side" (as opposed to curl & save to a file).
Now this is some very clever, and scary, stuff. It's possible to detect if a #HTTPS request is being piped directly into #bash or just saved to a file. You can use this to send a different file (& commands!) only when it's going straight into bash.


The European Commission has published their Free Software inventory yesterday. It is interesting to see that 99% of desktops have Firefox installed. But the 98% of "Info-Zip" installations are actually even more interesting. They demonstrate exactly what the purpose of the project is: to show how much we rely on Free Software in our . That is why the EU must contribute to Open Source. juliareda.eu/fossa/

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