Plongé dans les photos des arrières grand parents de mes enfants. ..
Fin du 19ème debut 20ème. Famille bourgeoise. Une photo d'un voyage en Algérie vers 1920
C'te caisse !

Cette nuit j'ai rêvé qu'on me demandait ma date de naissance, dans un contexte où c'était pas justifié, alors j'ai demandé à la personne qui était le contact RGPD pour poser des questions sur l'usage de ces données.

On a les rêves qu'on mérite.

Das ist morgen, 19:00 Uhr.

Ich bin ja dafür, dass wir als interessierte Bürger*innen uns da mal "informieren" und die richtigen Fragen stellen. ;) Wer ist dabei?

Creepy moment of the day: I arrive at the office, look at my laptop, and something is off. The session is locked, since I always leave it locked when I am gone, but the camera LED is on. I didn't use the camera yesterday. I also did not find any application currently using the camera. 🤔🤔🤔

[..//System Active.//..]

Intrusion Detected!
One (1) Lifeform..

[..//Playback Begin//..]
"Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine..."
[..//Playback Ends//..]

! Sealing Doors !
! Turrets Active !
Zero (0) Lifeforms Detected
[..//System Offline//..]

The Hashi Corperation is Proud to Present its latest DevOps Product:


Replace your workers with our Easy To Use, Intuitive, Worker Souls. Straight from The Cloud, Use Souls to animate workstations, and infrastructure to work 24/7

Puppet, Vagrant, Vault, Terraform, Consul, Nomad, The Feeling on The Back Of Your Neck When you're Alone in The Office in The Dark, Golang.

One of these is not a DevOps tool.

Can you guess?

That's right! Golang is a programming language!

> diana you cant just point at things and say “comrade” it doesnt mean anything
< *points at a crow* comrade
crow: *brep*
> !

This #PixelArt by Mark Ferrari from 1996 🤩

"From Seize The Day calendar utility, and later used in the computer game, Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage, by Akklaim. Constructed to animate by color cycling, and change time of day and weather condition by means of palette shift."

The Server has detected many people using the Tag:



*Dial up noises*

The server has been told Cryptids.Online users are using this tag. We care about you.


Here’s a vid that always throws me into an existential crisis.


Tja, #Artikel13 ist durch den letzten Trilog durch, nachdem der Trilog zwei mal unterbrochen werden musste. Die Petition mit ca. 4,7 Millionen gegenstimmen sowie der Koalitionsvertrag wurden offenbar gänzlich ignoriert.
Richtet euch schon mal darauf ein, dass das Internet bald nicht mehr das sein wird, was es mal war.
Wenn die CDU jetzt nicht bei den Wahlen abstürtzt, weiß ich echt nicht mehr ...


"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.


Why is there so little awareness in IT/infosec circles of the environmental impact of flying?

All the time you can read tweets/toots like "Attended conference X, spoke about Y. Tried to save the world from EvilCorp. So exhausted. Now waiting at the airport for my long distance flight to Z".

Shouldn't we have a more holistic view of things? Isn't decentralization one of our main motives? An uninhabitable planet full of Free Software is still... uninhabitable 🤔

The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

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