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Maybe just needs to federate with peertube.

so, is anyone actually using #briar already? is it good enough for day-to-day use yet?

Colleagues at a government-contracted shelter in Arizona had a specific request for Antar Davidson when three Brazilian migrant children arrived: “Tell them they can’t hug.”

Davidson, 32, is of Brazilian descent and speaks Portuguese. He said the siblings — ages 16, 10 and 6 — were distraught after being separated from their parents at the border. The children were “huddled together, tears streaming down their faces,” he said.

Veganism is good and all but like, I'm afraid that common vegan ingredients like soy might have a really big carbon footprint/irrigation demand compared to locally sourced dairy milk or eggs and I'm not sure which is the more ethical choice tbh, which is why I just stay vegetarian

And remember that the simplest and safest form of piracy is also the oldest: share with your friends.

@ajroach42 yup, they are both articles within the same big copyright directive bill that was passed by the responsible committee.

The next step is for the bill to be ratified by the European Parliament as a whole to be passed into law. Now it is time for Europeans to campaign all MEPs to vote against the directive. Not ideal as they will be back to square 1 but better than the alternative.

Why do girls float

Because they're boyn't

Ah yes, Rust programming, my favorite programming technique

You leave a HDD in the garden for a few years and run whatever you can read off it

Yeah forking software is cool and all

But have you ever sporked software

The most beautiful code I have ever see. It modifies itself to spin a world globe:

Wir haben uns dem breiten Bündnis gegen das geplante in angeschlossen und rufen alle Hackspaces, CCC-Erfas und Chaostreffs auf, mit uns gemeinsam am 7. Juli in Düsseldorf zu demonstrieren. Weitere Infos:

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Soft Hugs, the softest all-shrine maidens band 🎀🌸 #pixelart #ドット絵 #aftertile

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