So, my nick in katakana would probably be more correctly written as メグフォールト, but the screen reader voices I tried botch it horribly and throw several warnings and errors.

So now I am meguhoruto. Yay -_-

Right, this evening there were like a bazillion cockchafers (what a name!!) flying around in the garden. I took some photos of this one that happened to land on a plant right in front of me. Apparently it was looking for a place to camp during night.

(No individual photo captions because it's really just a brown hairy bug hugging a plant stem, photographed from three different angles.)

Can't fucking believe I just listened to @pornophonique play a chippy cover of South of Heaven in a small allotment garden 🤘🤩

The latest addition to my family. Please help me find a name for this handsome gentlebuck.

The previous family tells me he comes from Zermat in Switzerland, but I am not sure. I spoke German to him and he tried to eat my hair in response.

I woke up early on a Saturday, to go on an adventure...

The bike is fully loaded. Where, oh where, is bikefault going?

(I guess in English it's actually "road running parallel", but my computer brain can only think of processes running in parallel. 🤔

Whatever. )

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Every time I go to Lisbon, the motorized hellscape, I am reminded that moving to Darmstadt was one of my best decisions.

My commute is so much more pleasant here. Half of my way to work is a lovely bike & pedestrian path. At a certain point there is a car road running in parallel, but the path is still safe and the view is nice.

In Lisbon I had to share 8-lane avenues with stinky, noisy and dangerous tin boxes and got catcalled on a weekly basis merely for being a woman riding a bicycle.

Just to clarify: my grumpiness is not about `debuild` desiring a "clean"(er) environment, that's great. It's just that they sold us this devops idea of shift-left-ing all the things and now I, a sad frontend & backend developer, must also know how Debian packages are born, because otherwise my pipeline fails and code cannot get merged.

(That we are still shipping our software in 2022 as packages for a particular Linux flavor is a completely different issue which I do not wish to discuss now.)

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Got some onion and orange bell pepper seeds today from this box. I already got garlic chives' seeds a few weeks ago and they are now sprouting in my garden.

Links to the entities in the picture (sites are all in German):
- The project behind the seed box:
- The local initiative, Essbares Darmstadt, that put up this particular box:
- Oh and there's also a booklet by the Dreschflegel association in the picture:

If I wrote an introductions post it would probably include the expression "tired developer" somewhere.

And "goats are awesome".

Does this count as an introduction already?

Today's accomplishment at work: fixed a CI job for building a Debian package by finding out that `debuild` ignores most environment variables to try to ensure a clean environment and thus you must explicitly pass any necessary envvars as an argument.

My privileged NixOS ass: 😐

(Also finding out that the order of the arguments/options matters in that particular case 😖)

And this is why I see so many devs with hobbies like cross-stitching. Repeatedly stabbing stuff with needles is therapeutic.

I am resting after some garden work, enjoying the sound of the rain and the occasional bird chirp.

I have more photos but these are probably my favorite ones and I do not want to bore you all to death. Thanks for subscribing to megfault's holiday timeline spam!

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