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megfault *。✧mostly harmless✧。*

depression mention (not me), survey, please fill out if you can! Show more

The Dog of Wisdom:

Here is my wisdom.
If your ball
Is too big for your mouth,
It’s not yours.

⚠️⚠️ WARNING! Do not update NPM or run it with sudo. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH NPM ⚠️⚠️ -

Die Essener Tafel lässt jetzt Anmeldungen nur noch mit deutschem Perso zu … 🤢

Yay Black Panther made lots of money for Disney but can we talk about how Flint Michigan still doesn't have clean fucking water

Let this picture give you strength in these troubling times

i'm surprised this didnt come from r/nottheonion

oooooooooo gonna do dis

don't even have to cut the collar I literally can just step into the neck of this shirt and pull it up around my waist lol

Also, I am pretty sure Daft Punk's "Something about us" borrowed a lot from that song. For comparison:

Promoting consent culture includes the consent to be governed. Has there been a check-in lately? How’s everyone doing? Feel like I didn’t really get a chance to consent initially to this... I was like a baby or something when this started and I couldn’t rly give informed consent...

This pipeline issues quite informative error messages:

"ERROR: Job failed (system failure): aborted: terminated"

Well.... yes...?


I should stop working and go to bed 😵

This blue poppie grew a petal in place of a leaf. I have a mutant plant in my garden!! 😮

tired: proof of work
wired: proof of idleness

The best turning point in my fashion sense was from "it seems silly to dress like Taako and/or an anime protagonist in everyday settings" to "it is my RIGHT AND DUTY to dress like Taako and/or an anime protagonist in everyday settings"


Maria Takeuchi - Plastic Love

(This song made me realize there is no disco ball emoji. I am disappointed.)

Coffee place: “you should download our app”
Me: “nah I’m good”
Coffee place: “you’re here a lot”
Me: “yes let’s not ruin that”