This smol fren must have fallen from its nest. I just rescued it from the cruel claws of our resident guard cat.

Quem é que tem bilhetes para ir ver os Violeta e os Linda Martini, quem é, quem é??!!! \:D/

p.s.: Obrigada Augusto, por me teres mostrado estas bandas. Estejas onde estiveres. Perdi-vos o rasto, a ti e ao padrinho. Se por qualquer sorte cósmica vires isto, diz cenas. - Caloira Maluca

In 2013, a person living in Germany consumed, on average :
* 1277kWh on electric power
* 5762kWh on transportation
* 6238kWh on heating
(only household usage, no businesses)

If you interview random people about the most significant measures to fix our environmental problems, almost no one will mention properly insulated homes. And the technology to solve it is widely available! Why do we stay silent on this? Why are we only talking about flights and cars?!


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. On behalf of Atlassian Airlines I would like to welcome you aboard our flight WTF404 with destination to the Confluence Plugin City. Flight time can drastically change depending on how often we have to reboot the aircraft. Should we experience any turbulence, we kindly ask you to remain civil. It's just the JVM eating up all the memory and CPU. Please understand we might have to interrupt our inflight service then. Thank you!

Email sent demanding a 100% refund. And they'd better not try to retain the 15% stated on their refund policy. 🔥🔥😠🔥

10. Can't change the email addresses for any of the passengers because in the same form there is a pass ID that is being marked as invalid when I submit it (it was prefilled and I can't even change it!). And this after clicking through 30x12 months in the stupid calendar UI element.

Fuck off !!!
This is the first and last time I use your service.

Next time I take a plane. Way cheaper, faster, customer friendly, and only about twice the carbon emissions. 😠

I got the pass. Now to reserve seats...

6. To select birth date I must click through a stupid calendar month by month... 😤

7. My login username is an email address with a + sign. The reservation part of the site uses a different system that does not like it.

8. I created about 20 trips because the website failed to tell me that creation was successful.

9. Login form kept on saying my password was wrong. After a while I realized I was logged in already.


experience so far:
It sucks and I haven't even bought the pass.

1. 3-country pass does not include country of residence, and is more expensive than a global pass, which does. 404 logic not found.

2. The website is slow as a dog. What are they using, technology from the last century?

3. My fairly short family name does not fit in the text box.

4. It takes about two weeks to get the pass.

5. I can't buy the pass and the seat reservations in one step.

Flying is less of a hassle.

I went to town and there is a small fair with a tent full of farm animals. I liked seeing the donkeys, there aren't many of them left in the region.

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