Bored at work? Your job is too easy? Get a weird-ass and improve your typing skills while trying to accomplish your tasks!

Guaranteed fun!! I was able to write 4 lines of code in approximately 15 minutes!!

(keyboard kindly sponsored by @andi )

ยท 2 ยท 4 ยท 9

@megfault @andi This keyboard looks nice.

Next step to make things harder is to change the layout

@megfault @andi I have always wanted to try one of those, if you have feedback after you have used it for a while, I would be glad to read it !

@lsix @megfault I have two of those by now. I have the one in the picture and the LF version. Have been typing on them for the last 8-ish months.

I love typing on them. It feels so much more relaxed and there is no more pain in may hands, which was my primary driver towards a more ergonomic keyboard / desk. I pair it with a Logitech trackball (the M570 and the MX Ergo).

You must get used to them for a while. It took me about 3 weeks. It was totally worth it. 11/10.

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