That's my bill for the rental car I used to go vote in the last Portuguese presidential election.

Because those incompetents could not organize postal voting for this particular election.

During a pandemic.

Just in case you are wondering why Portuguese emigrants do not tend to vote: My polling station is 180km away from where I live, and I live near a major European city.

How can this still be called a democracy? What if I could not afford the ride?

I am fuming!

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@megfault 180km! Wtf! How many polling stations did they have, 3? I mean, no offense, but Portugal isn't really that big?

@megfault Ah, my bad! Still sucks with not being able to vote by letter. Cool that you managed to vote though!

Admittedly I have no idea how this looks for Germans voting outside of Germany. How many polling stations have there been in Germany for the Portuguese election?

@tofuwabohu I am pretty sure they can vote by mail.

I voted by mail for the upcoming municipal elections. My polling station is a 10-minute walk from home.

Requesting the ballot took me less than a minute via a web form.

@megfault @tofuwabohu yes, german elections always have Mail voting, no matter where you live.

@daniel_bohrer I thought it would be possible, as it already happened in the past, for the parliamentary election.

I was very surprised it was not available this time. I mean, the process cannot be thaaaat different.

@megfault @daniel_bohrer maybe someone did they math and discovered not allowing it will sway the numbers in their favour

@piggo @daniel_bohrer That's quite possible :/

I mean, there are more Portuguese citizens living abroad than in Portuguese territory. About 60 million total, a little less than 10 million in the country.

@megfault It may sound needlessly hostile and/or quippy, but I really do believe that this may be the system working as intended.

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