If you see the above post and wonder what happened this time, I think this blog post sums it up quite nicely:

@megfault somebody please build something better that's just as easy...

Once #kaidan is released with OMEMO encryption and an instance picker/signup it will be much easier to recommend xmpp to friends and relatives....Signal's big advantage is that it doubles as SMS as well.

@lps @megfault i just want something simple. I only text. I have a crappy old nexus 5. I don't need fancy stuff. If i can send texts, pics, files, and it's end to end encrypted that's what i need.

@lps @megfault i need something that just works. Something i don't have to talk everyone else into downloading. Interoperable with everything else used to communicate. No bs. No payments. Cryptocurrency is a bug not a feature. (it seems to be infesting everything these days..)

@lps @megfault if signal just opened their server code that would be ideal but moxie is quite a stubborn one... Totally in the wrong and doubling down on his wrongness...

I often recommend to people that's just a fork of conversations (xmpp) that's a simple install with sign up and modern interface for non technical family and friends....the only problem is we need cross platform apps so no matter what device, the experience is the same...that includes desktop

@lps @ailurocrat That's a great point that I never thought about. Thanks for bringing it up.

There are modern frameworks that generate the same app for different platforms. Look and feel may vary because e.g. iOS and Android have different design guidelines, but that is acceptable. An iOS user will want an app that behaves like other iOS apps, anything else would be confusing and frustrating.

Let's hope the larger xmpp client projects go in that direction...

@megfault @ailurocrat I see the only missing peice for adoption of most of these alternatives as design, and marketing/awareness .. The great news is that Mastodon, pixelfed, peertube etc are getting it :) we just need xmpp to have a "flagship" client

@ailurocrat @megfault Element is getting there. I’m successfully using it with a bunch of non-techies.

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