Yesterday, on day 3 of a tonsillitis, I call my GP. Once. Twice. No one picks up. I walk there.

No one is outside at the Covid testing container, so I walk in and explain the situation. Reaction: "you cannot walk in here with those symptoms!!" Yeah, well how about you pick up the phone, I called a *emergency* number, ffs.

So they said they'd call me back, which they did this morning. "Do you still have symptoms?" "Yes...? ๐Ÿ™„" "In that case we can only test you on Friday".


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I bet on Friday they would repeat the same question, and because I did not get any meds, I'd still have symptoms, in which case I could only go there on Monday... ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

My options:
a) follow their rules and probably heal after many days of fever and pain
b) follow their rules and die of sepsis after many days of fever and pain
c) pay a private doctor

I went with c) yesterday, and after one dose of antibiotics I already feel much better.

Faith in public healthcare is sinking fast.


@megfault Shit, I am so sorry to hear this. Fortunately haven't been to a doctor for quite some time. But this is really bad and I don't get this kind of behavior.

Also I hope you get better soon.


If you are based in Germany you can call 116117 and bypass GPs for tests. Kassenรคrztliche Vereinigung is providing 24/7 hotline and medical care.

Get well soon.

@mwfc Thanks!

I ended up going to the nearest RK tent and got tested (because I have another medical appointment in a few days).

But I could have done exactly the same test at my GP, and gotten the medical help I need once they got the results. They just refused to test me. Why do they even offer tests? Do they expect to only get healthy patients or what? Logic: none.


It is one thing to test with expectation of negative test result. And testing with a higher probability for positive ones.

My GP will afaik not let you enter with symptoms and redirect you to a specialized place who work in full PPE.

Test centers here seperate symptomatic from asymptomatis as well.

Nevertheless, either you help as a GP or you redirect. Just delaying is imho no option in our system.

@megfault this is shockingly bad even compared with Britain, here if you call 111 (non emergency health advice number) and they think you are ill enough the Ambulance turns up at your doorstep and you are taken off to hospital (you might have to wait around inside for treatment, but you do get seen by proper doctors/nurses)

hope you get better soon...

@vfrmedia Ok, I didn't call the national emergency number, because a tonsillitis in its initial stage is not yet life-threatening. I called the emergency number of the GP because I need antibiotics ASAP, as well as a stamped form to send to my employer (there are deadlines here in bureaucracy land).

What I find shocking is that one year into the pandemic this GP office does not have a strategy to deal with infections of the upper airways. We're just left to suffer...

@megfault to be fair we don't have local emergency GP numbers nowadays in UK, if your medical problem isn't quite urgent enough for 999 and the Emergency Ambulance service you are advised to use 111 online or call the number (although currently there are longer waiting times) - they are supposed to know who your local GP is and can contact them (in reality only about 80% of the electronic data exchange services work, so if you need an urgent prescription its a trip to hospital)

@vfrmedia Ok, so what this GP office has is a single phone number, which offers me a labyrinth of voice menus, and after I navigate long enough I find the "emergency option" to contact a real human. Because the other options are not what I want, especially that one where they offer to call me back "within 3 days" to get an appointment.

After 5 minutes, the call ends. I did this twice. And because the office is only 5 minutes away by bike, I decided to go there instead.

@megfault they do have similar at the surgeries here (often with quite long wait times) although nowadays its all on some cloud/VOIP system hosted elsewhere in the country along with a practice website.

I did have to recently use one to get my NHS number to sign up for Covid19 jabs - went online and within 5 minutes got a telephone call with my number (apparently they can't send it in email due to GDPR!), and I fear that non-Covid treatments are probably getting further delayed...

@megfault going to a different gp is also an option. If you're not satisfied go somewhere else. At least for small stuff that hasn't been an issue for me

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