I’m a 32 #queer #feminist cane user w/ #MultipleSclerosis. I have mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain & Fatigue.

Also: #Spoonie #CripplePunk; #Genderflux, #Ace & #Poly. No preferred pronouns.

I deal with #Photography, Social Media & have a WIP #podcast/audio-drama.

💜 tattoos & piercings.

🇵🇹 & 🇫🇷 are my native languages, but I mostly toot in English.

I can understand a bit of Italian and most Spanish dialects + a tiny bit of Korean, due to my addiction to K-dramas.


I'm interested in connecting with people who like/do #art #comics #photography #editing and #writing, besides peeps from #Diaspora and #Portugal.

Feel free to reply, follow, etc.

Since I'm *still* pretty much #NewHere and wanna grow my feed I'll follow back, unless I see you being a racist bigot, etc.

You know the drill, just be excellent to each other and we're all good. ^_^

Sorry for the repetition, fellas. ^^;

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