It was 11.30pm. I got home and opened all doors to the garden to cool down the rooms. I sat on the couch in complete darkness to prevent bugs from flying in. I heard a ticking sound approaching, and suddenly Milli the Cat appeared and started rubbing her head against my feet.

¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

I dont know what surprises me more: that there are people who really do this, or that the scooter was still there after 45min.

"Believe in the resolute urgency of N O W "

smashed everything. My feet are smashed. My bad knee is smashed as well. It was an epic concert, tho. And I am happy.

Now was playing a-ha's Take on Me and they had sound problems but we all kept on singing \:D/

This smol fren must have fallen from its nest. I just rescued it from the cruel claws of our resident guard cat.

I went to town and there is a small fair with a tent full of farm animals. I liked seeing the donkeys, there aren't many of them left in the region.

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