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Let's tell a story, hm? This one's from English history. It's the story of that celebrated King of England, King Louis.

What's that? You've never heard of a King Louis of England? Well, that's not surprising. You won't find him on any official list of English monarchs. He's been written out of history.

So let's talk a little about Louis, the king who never was. ( 🧵​ )

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Bitte kauft ALLE, so ihr es euch leisten könnt, das 9-Euro-Ticket für drei Monate, damit es einen klaren Beweis gibt, wie stark das Interesse an einem günstigen, bundesweiten Ticket ist!

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Does anyone know an android keyboard that has all the nice special keys that make using a desktop computer efficient? (Arrow keys, page up/down, alt…) It also needs to be voice access accessible.

A friend of mine can not use her hands at all at the moment, and is using voice access on her phone. We plan to set her up to use her Ubuntu desktop tomorrow using KDEConnect. We're hoping a keyboard like that would solve problems like scrolling and switching window focus.

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food, vegan, condiment 

When life gives you organic lemons on sale…

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Also, versteht mich nicht falsch: Mehr Repräsentation ist generell mehr gut. Aber ich seh da eigentlich hauptsächlich Corporate Pinkwashing.

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What does "give me a minute" mean to you?

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Es gerüchtet, das es am an Tag +2 zum Frühstück Waffeln geben könnte. 🧇

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Ich beobachte @mentalshirt und @petrosh beim Suppe kochen.

"Tofu - ein leckeres Sojaprodukt
Tofū - mehrere Tofu
Tofaux - falscher Tofu, vielleicht aus Hackfleisch
Tofoe (englisch ausgesprochen) - feindlich gesinnter Tofu
Tofuuuu - wenn der Tofu einen aufregt
Tofoo Fighters - eine Band aus singenden Tofū"



We hiked along the Kleine-Dörfer-Weg [0] around Brunswick. We did a segment from Querum to Riddagshausen yesterday. It‘s a nice path and I got to see a quite a few places in Brunswick where I hadn’t been before. If you want a nice half-day walk, I can highly recommend it!

[0] de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleine

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Rant, Steuern 

„Als Ergebnis wird eine XML-Seite mit den errechneten Werten ausgegeben. Das Format ist selbsterklärend.” – bmf-steuerrechner.de

Mhhhm, ich verstehe das Format sofort 🙄 Weiß doch jeder aus dem Stegreif, was VKVLZZ ist…

Welchen Artikel hat in deinem Sprachgebrauch das Wort „Wachs“?

Yum! Thai style rice noodle salad with lime vinaigrette 🥗


Dinner yesterday (and today, because there were leftover vegetables): Vegan Döner Kebap 😋 I still had pre-made seitan döner in my freezer from last time and made hummus, cocktail sauce, hot sauce and grilled vegetables. Other toppings are cabbage, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo.

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I did some urban foraging today with @mentalshirt and we found miner's lettuce and lemon balm! Yum!

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