AO-7 here shows off to prove that satellite cleanroom manufacturing is for *wimps.*

Oscar 7 has been flying around bouncing #hamradio transmissions in 5 ways since 1974, the same year as poor old Skylab went kablooie.

Bunnysuits? We don’t need no stinking bunnysuits.


@Shufei Just today there was some information sent out by AMSAT regarding AO-7.

"AO-7 to Enter Full Illumination Period October 9, 2019

"On or about October 9th, AO-7 will enter a period of full illumination that will last until approximately December 2nd. During this time, the satellite’s onboard timer should switch it between Mode A (145 MHz uplink / 29 MHz downlink) and Mode B (432 MHz uplink / 145 MHz downlink) every 24 hours. To check or report the satellite’s current mode, please see the AMSAT Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page at

"Reporting observations during the first few days of the full illumination period will be helpful for determining the approximate time of the daily mode change.

"Historical information on AO-7’s systems, including the functioning of the 24 hour timer, and operational plans can be found in the AMSAT-OSCAR 7 Technical Operations Plan And Experimenter’s Guide, available at

For others that might be interested:

"AO-7 became non-operational in mid 1981 due to battery failure . In 2002 one of the shorted batteries became an open circuilt and now the spacecraft is able to run off solar panels. For this reason it is not usable in eclipse and may not be able to supply enough power to the transmitter to keep from frequency modulating the signal. When continuously illuminated, the mode will alternate between A and B every 24 hours.

In a few days the satellite will be entering and prolonged period of continuous illumination, from about 9-Oct to 2-Dec.


#hamradio #amateurradio #satellite #AO-7

MetaFunk Clubabend 10/2019:
Ralf, OE3RSU gibt eine Einführung zum Antennensimulationsprogramm NEC2 und zu seinen Magnetic Loop Antennen aus leichtem Mehrschicht- verbundrohr. Da sich das nächstschmäler erhältliche Verbundrohr wunderbar ins breitere einschieben lässt, bilden die jeweiligen Aluminiumschichten gleich die Platten des erforderlichen, ho…

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Happy 100th birthday, WWV! Narrowly saved from shutdown, the powerful transmitter system makes accurate time available for all--even if the internet goes down ;-) Tune in to event station WW0WWV.

Hey Filterblase,
bei der Relaisfunkstelle DB0FTC wurde wohl eingebrochen und Equipment gestohlen:

Falls irgendwo ein Konvolut an Funktechnik zum Verkauf auftaucht würde sich der Rufzeicheninhaber sicher über den Tipp freuen.

Hurricane nets on 14.325 USB and 7.268 LSB. Not hearing much yet.

Oh look, is a year old!

I posted the first toot here a year ago yesterday.


New Code!

RHIZO-UUARDOP is a set of tools which allow UUCP to use ARDOP as a modem. Now services which UUCP provides like email and file transfers will be able to be fully funcional over HF links. Help us test!

Wenn der digitale Überwachungswahnsinn der USA jetzt sogar #Amateurfunker auf einsamen Blauwasser Segelyachten erreicht hat, kennt der Irrsinn keine Grenzen mehr... @Digitalcourage

Für alle die es noch nicht gehört haben, es gibt industrielle Begehrlichkeiten die das 2m Amateurfunkband betreffen:

Es gibt auch eine Peitition für alle die das unterstützen möchten:


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