v1.3 released with official support (thanks to its great compatibility and to @zen for reporting an issue with just that)

!@metafunk and !@metalab are already updated.

.py v1.2 released - now with "unlisted" mode for group toots.

Ideas for v1.3 are already developing (group account monitoring)

And I just realised there is a class-based fork .py that looks pretty awesome. Have to look into that and maybe join efforts

Könnt ihr mir Podcasts über Amateurfunk-Grundlagen empfehlen? Am besten aufgebaut wie der rfc-Podcast.

I'm looking for podcasts about amateur radio basics. Can you recommend one?

DECOMMISSIONED | Sci-Fi Horror Short Film - featuring SuitSat that was released from the International Space Station in 2006


Folgendes Amateurfunk‐Equipment würde ich gerne an Bedürftige verleihen oder verschenken:

- Yaesu FT-818 (HF‐/VHF/UHF‐Transceiver)
- LDG AT-200Pro II (HF‐Tuner)
- Comet HFJ-350M (HF‐Multiband‐Vertikalantenne)
- Bonito Mini-Whip (aktive HF‐Vertikal‐Empfangsantene)
- HyEndFed 4-Band (endgespeiste Drahtantenne für 40/20/15/10 m, N‐Konnektor)

Meldet euch per DM, wenn ihr interessiert seid.

I just finished a little script for querying from the command line:
Maybe it's of use for someone else, too.

how did viking ships communicate with one another? 

norse code

First working prototype of my 1:16 GPS RF splitter with filter-LNA-filter. Finally a sane way to connect all those "GPS reference only" cellular base station hardware without an antenna zoo or ridiculously expensive commerciall available splitters.

- Natürlich in passender Adjustierung und mit ausreichend Elektronik @metafunk

Und wenn der Fernsteinsee nicht in so einem Loch wäre, hätte auch jemand meine Beacons empfangen 😀

Being able to keep talking while hearing distorted echos of myself with varying magnitudes of delay is one the most the most useful skills I picked up as a HAM radio operator.
It not only useful for monitoring your own transmissions using remote receivers, but also essential for professional video conferencing.

Finished my AZ-EL antenna setup today and can now technically speak directly to the . So let's hope that there are some astronauts motivated for . And if not I can still stick to the satellites.

YLs and OMs - fire up your transceivers!

OE1HWS and OE3COC shifted the OE3XMW shack @ Symposion Lindabrunn - TNX OE1KWS

Kann man schon so machen. Man sollte sich dann nur nicht wundern, wenn viele Mitglieder die Mail nicht erhalten. !@metafunk

I finally posted my WSJT-X + Raspberry Pi setup guide:

I've been meaning to write this for two years but only just got around to it! There's nothing ground breaking here but people might find it useful 🤞🏻

#raspberrypi #hamradio #amateurradio

Just upgraded .py to version 1.1 - get it while it's warm and enjoy group accounts on Mastodon.

The new release prevents accidental toot creation from group member's private messages. See the README for details.

!@metafunk and !@metalab are already updated. Thanks @eest9 for the feature suggestion.

This is also a Demo. Members can create original toots from the group account

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