Alle österreischischen Amateurfunkrelais (FM und D-Star) zum Importieren in einen Icom IC-705…

Nur falls jemand danach sucht!

EDIT: Und weil Github nicht soo leiwand ist, gleich noch zu Codeberg umgezogen. release 1.4 - with even more choices! Get it while it's hot!

Posting to groups is now also supported from . And I'm happy to hear about test results with other platforms. Contact me at

Groups can be hosted on or .

!@metalab and !@metafunk are already updated.

I filed a feature request with to include the German licenses. Looks like they’re running a Web technologies based app (Cordova?) and some JavaScript. Would anyone be up for supporting me on porting the German question Pool into a format (maybe JSON?) they can work with?


Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, the creator and "Father of APRS" died on Feb. 7. #APRS originated in 1982, when he wrote his first data map program that plotted the positions of US Navy ships for the Apple II platform. #hamradio #amateurradio #arrl

Könnt ihr mir Podcasts über Amateurfunk-Grundlagen empfehlen? Am besten aufgebaut wie der rfc-Podcast.

I'm looking for podcasts about amateur radio basics. Can you recommend one?

Folgendes Amateurfunk‐Equipment würde ich gerne an Bedürftige verleihen oder verschenken:

- Yaesu FT-818 (HF‐/VHF/UHF‐Transceiver)
- LDG AT-200Pro II (HF‐Tuner)
- Comet HFJ-350M (HF‐Multiband‐Vertikalantenne)
- Bonito Mini-Whip (aktive HF‐Vertikal‐Empfangsantene)
- HyEndFed 4-Band (endgespeiste Drahtantenne für 40/20/15/10 m, N‐Konnektor)

Meldet euch per DM, wenn ihr interessiert seid.

I just finished a little script for querying from the command line:
Maybe it's of use for someone else, too.

how did viking ships communicate with one another? 

norse code

First working prototype of my 1:16 GPS RF splitter with filter-LNA-filter. Finally a sane way to connect all those "GPS reference only" cellular base station hardware without an antenna zoo or ridiculously expensive commerciall available splitters.

Being able to keep talking while hearing distorted echos of myself with varying magnitudes of delay is one the most the most useful skills I picked up as a HAM radio operator.
It not only useful for monitoring your own transmissions using remote receivers, but also essential for professional video conferencing.

OE1HWS and OE3COC shifted the OE3XMW shack @ Symposion Lindabrunn - TNX OE1KWS

Kann man schon so machen. Man sollte sich dann nur nicht wundern, wenn viele Mitglieder die Mail nicht erhalten. !@metafunk

I finally posted my WSJT-X + Raspberry Pi setup guide:

I've been meaning to write this for two years but only just got around to it! There's nothing ground breaking here but people might find it useful 🤞🏻

#raspberrypi #hamradio #amateurradio

This is also a Demo. Members can create original toots from the group account

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