I definitely need to use the Fediverse more!

You need a voucher for Write us why you should be at

Arrived at Vienna for Erster Eindruck: Saubere Stadt, freundliche Menschen!

#CableQuizEpisode007 Challenge: 

#CableQuizEpisode007 Challenge: 

Today it struck me how people see as some public good. The company for sure is trying to build this image of "facebook connects people" and "makes the world a better place", but it surprises me how the average people don't see facebook as the shady data-leaking irresponsible anticompetitive and exploitative mega-corporation it really is. They think it's the "necessary bad".

@nickfarr Interesting. In our hackerspace, if we get hardware donations, the assocation is the "owner" of it. So if we don't need it anymore, we throw it out or members take them.

A great hacker and a good friend passed away! We will never forget you!

We are in great mourning. Our fellow member and beloved hacker muling passed away recently. We will never forget you.

@Jeff_Cigrand @virii Gajim fir Linux, well Dino nach net OMEMO am MUC ennerstetzt!

Also ich hab die Erfahrung gemacht, dass ResilioSync wesentlich besser klappt als Syncthing! Grade wenn man größere Ordner (über 10000 Dateien und +- 300 Gigabyte an Daten) hat

@virii Also Réckkopplungen hues de nemmen wanns de iergendwou eng Opnahmquell hues. Was du dann héichstwahrscheinlech hues nennt een "Ground-Loop"

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