I'm shocked and sad about 's (Marcel ) decision to quit work on all his awesome and important etc. But I totally understand his resignation, after years of David fighting against . This is were we're heading, folks. See yesterday. ☹️

Thanks for all your work, support and sacrifices, Marcel. 🙏 All the best and I hope things smh fall into place for you. 🤞

Thanks for nothing, Google.

@Kurt yes, but that's not what I'm concerned about. keeps the code of his apps available to the community.

But Google harrasses individuals like him within its ecosystem in such a kafka-esque manner. And they're raising the wall of the that is our "open-source operating system " with every new version.

is one of the key tools that many people use to defend themselves against 's corporate



One of the best clients I know and I love to use it... But his point is understandable.

@metaphil it's a great tragedy...
Now i can buy a new phone, hoping i csn flash it with a custom rom... i needed netguard...
An fairemail is my absolutely favorite mailclient!

So sad this story!

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