After almost one year of struggling I've managed to upgrade to @angular 11. I had to replace a dependency which isn't maintained anymore

Selten, aber dann richtig überkommt mich die Gier nach Cola

Feuerwehr Eisolzried now running brand new just released @getbootstrap v5

Large, established social media platforms are already struggling with new users, which are elsewhere. There is no endless growth. Those big players are here to fail.

Decentralize everything!

In the future, IT won't get easier for regular users. Instead possibilities will get even more crippled.

Learn, share and develop yourself!

There is more love in a single self-hosted blog post than in all tweets and posts of a user on social media combined

Wie es mich immer nervt wenn Menschen sich so wichtig vorkommen wenn sie so viel (Zeit) arbeiten

If society turns into a leecher based one, the seeders will gain more power

@YouTube knows my taste too good. Time to clear cache and cookies again

Schnaps. Das war sein letztes Wort.
Dann nahm man ihm sein Auto fort.

I've just realized @YouTube has become an installable

When communication is in decline, democracy will suffer

How to become an ITler:
* love to read
* love to type
* love to think

"You contributed code to repositories used in the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission and now have a badge for it." 😎

Now surfing the web with 3rd party and JS off per default
+ trusted sites where everything is enabled
+ rules to allow specific resources (and JS) on certain sites (like Twitter)

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