How old is your (smart) phone since its release?

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@midzer Seven years, and still working like a charm. 🤩

@kernpanik awesome! great to see so many people still use older phones on a daily basis

@midzer voted for my old phone as I got a new one a few days ago 🙄

@midzer 4 years here, apparently [iPhone 7, still works /great/].

Going to be... uh... I don't know but probably 0? since we're getting a Pinephone soon! :3

@IceWolf iPhone seem to last very long, know this from friends

6.5 years (though it's my siblings old phone! I have had it for.. idk, 2-3 years)

Had to replace the screen because it just Died one time, (and another replacement bc i managed to crack it in a very specific way to make it unusable), and i recently opted to replace the battery because i thought its life was getting a bit short.

Could prob get a phone at least as good for what I've spent on repairs.... but i don't wanna. I like this phone. Best quality i ever had.

@certifiedperson repairing devices is awesome! I bought a replacement battery for my phone, too

@midzer I'm in the less than a year crowd because my old +5 year phone went bust a few weeks ago this month, with the internal memory being damaged. So I had to get a new one.

@midzer Previous phone: Asus Zenfone 2 1080p 2GB RAM (Z00AD)

New phone: Motorola Moto One Fusion 128 GB Flash 4GB RAM Deep Blue

@Genstar yeah, as an everyday item things can break sometimes...

@midzer 1-3 years. Would be 3-5 years but the volume buttons broke and fucked up the screen.

@midzer Just looked it up - apparently mine is exactly five years old today. Happy birthday @Fairphone 2!

(I counted that as 5+ :P )

@vinnl @Fairphone had a Fairphone 1 several years ago and sold it because of no more software updates

3 year old and on Android 10 thank to lineageOS (althought I'll likely install nixos once I have report it's usable on phone)

@midzer ...i thought for sure we got this at least 5 years ago but apparently it released just 4 years ago

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