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The freedom open-source software gives you may be priceless, but that doesn't mean you can't support developers nor should you take their work for granted.

Support your favorite open-source projects and their developers! Give them a chance to become self-sustainable! Lots of small contributions can make all the difference!

Do it, become part of the greater common good. It's not everyday you get to participate in a revolution! 😄

(No, I won't get tired of repeating this message. It's important)

Just uploaded my first role to Ansible Galaxy galaxy.ansible.com/wabumike/k3 The combination of Github, Travis CI and Ansible Galaxy is pretty impressive. Committing to Gitlab anyways.

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Thanks to the systemd enabled docker images by hub.docker.com/u/jrei , it's very easy to test systemd actions in roles with :
- name: systemd-test-container
image: jrei/systemd-ubuntu:latest
privileged: True
- /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro
command: "/sbin/init"

Catch of the day: There is /usr/sbin/init in CentOS/RHEL and there is /sbin/init in Debian

My favorite module of the day: group. Make sure a user group exists on the target:

- name: Ensure group is created
name: "{{ groupname }}"
gid: "{{ gid }}"
state: present

What I like most about for : It does all those idempotence, lint checking to make sure you have a clean and nice role.

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pay your respect to free software developers, use 🇫-Droid

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das beste daran ist, das es mein #ansible Playbook nicht juckt ob ein #ubuntu, #debian oder #centos das OS des Servers ist... Ich liebe einfach die Automatisierung

totally rocks! Creating tests with molecule for an ansible role rocks even more 🎸

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Gerade eben mit @WolfgangKraus@twitter.com und Linda bei @CCE_HHN@twitter.com gewesen und das gebootstraped. Und was soll ich sagen. Die Räume allein sind der Hammer. Wird wohl ein Architektur amp ;)

Yay! Thanks to blog.alexellis.io/test-drive-k and galaxy.ansible.com/ebesson/k3s kubernetes is up and running on my RPis! Now comes the tough part... deploying applications.

Raspbian-Images auf SD-Karte schreiben ⏳ Bin mal eben dabei mit meinen PIs, Ansible und k3s einen k8s-Cluster zu bauen. Bin schon gespannt, ob es bald explodiert 🎇

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Mein Favorit des Abends: Antwort bei Stackoverflow stackoverflow.com/a/16928662

>>expect "assword:"<<

uh...Is "assword" a typo or intended?

It is intended: It matches Password and password.

lol at the "uh..."😂

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#Kolonialismus #Deutschlands brachiale Expansion nach Übersee.

Vor allem #Wilhelm_II. treibt die Expansion nach Übersee an. Nicht nur in der Südsee errichten die #Deutschen #Kolonien, sondern auch in #China und #Afrika. Auf Widerstand reagieren sie mit brutaler Gewalt. ...


Wenn's mal wieder länger dauert - das schafft die Bahn irgendwann auch noch! Flugreise in China: 17 Stunden - und wieder am Anfang | tagesschau.de

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