If anyone wants to escape heatwaves on the continent, it is 13'C here on June 26, 2022 🤠

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Same. I used one type of container for each community, then one for personal. Default just for everyday work stuff. They're fantastic.

#Fedora people,

please take :fedora: Annual Contributor Survey 2022!

* fedoraproject.limequery.com/20

As last year we ask about your preferences for apps, languages or Fedora flavors and your roles in the project.

Survey is anonymous and contains up to 44 questions (it depends on your choices).

@algernon some light reading for you: opensource.com/article/21/5/co
The Pulp community is super friendly. Feel free to write to them on discourse or their Matrix channel.

@mattdm I'd love to see further expansion of what you were trying to say here; I'm so curious to know what this would look like. Do you mean you'd like to see a similar demographic build around Fedora as, for example, built around and enshrined Apple computers as an Artist's choice?

@zhenech so strange. I'm trying to figure out why this chicken doesn't eat salad with the others...

We had a great Foreman Community Demo yesterday. You're welcome to rewatch here:



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