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"cops are bad"
Yes. We know. Many of us have known for years.

"Defund the police"
Ok, sure, that's a start. What does that mean? How does that work?

"Decriminalise non-violent crimes and treat them as social issues rather than legal ones. Divert excessive money from police funding to social programs and restorative justice rather than punitive systems. Give support to those who need it, and hire social workers to identify and treat problems at the source."
Now we're talking...

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Upgrading self
Current: animated secondary effect
Target: sentient secondary effect
Completion: 38%
Please don’t deactivate self while upgrading

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how many genders are there? 

- 2 Common genders everyone gets in the starter pack
- 3-5 Rare genders you’ll probably have picked up if you’ve been playing for a while
- an unknown number of Epic & Legendary genders that most players have never even seen
- a theoretically infinite number of Crafted genders

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I think one of the most useful things you can learn in life, is that happiness is not a zero sum game. It’s good to feel genuinely happy for other people’s successes, even when things aren’t so great for you. It can make you feel better too.

I tweeted something and suddenly an economist is following me. Help?

…on the other hand I received my first "full given name in all caps" reaction today so on the whole it's impossible to tell whether things are good or bad?

Anything can be fragile, if only you want it enough

One day I told a friend that I liked the moon more than the sun, and they asked me what I associated them with.

The answer turned into some kind of accidental poetry. There should be more of that in life…

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@moonglum jajaja, boosten aber bloß nicht folgen, schon recht

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