The resurgence of plan9 usage is so fascinating to see!
I mained plan9port acme for a few years until I decided to give up earlier this year. I had come for the clean conceptual model but ended up having to maintain a fork of plan9port with patches to acme and devdraw, and a network of tools around acme including daemons that watched its events to run formatters and change indentation settings… and it had become too much for me to deal with.
Now I'm wondering whether 9front could work for me…

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since people seem to like that I should probably plug my blog post about what I did:

@mkhl try it! Have you read Stanley Lieber's post on using Plan9 as main driver?

@mkhl this is what happens to me every six months or so when i decide to start using acme again. i get overwhlemed and frustrated chasing the very opposite (pure yellow-tinted editing placidity), nuke it all and go back to my minimal terminal/vim system. then i become frustrated with all the keystroking and the whole process loops back around again.

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