💚📣 Morgen geht's ab! !

: 12:00 Uhr, Brandenburger Tor
... und überall auf der Welt!

"Anlässlich der Europawahl werden am 24. Mai über die Grenzen Europas hinaus junge Menschen auf die Straßen gehen, um auf die Bedeutung der Europawahl für unser globales Klima aufmerksam zu machen."

Auch in deiner Stadt?


“What’s infuriating about manipulations by Non Profit Industrial Complex is that they harvest good will of the people, especially young people. They target those who were not given skills and knowledge to truly think for themselves by institutions which are designed to serve the ruling class. Capitalism operates systematically and structurally like a cage to raise domesticated animals. Those organizations and their projects which operate under false slogans of humanity in order to prop up the hierarchy of money and violence are fast becoming some of the most crucial elements of the invisible cage of corporatism, colonialism and militarism.” — Hiroyuki Hamada, artist
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