Check out my first set for the messenger! :fairydust:
i've also added a bunch of political stuff i've collected from the fediverse and related websites. If feedback is good, i'll add them to, but i'm not a fan of creating an account on github for this reason. 🤔


a little german language included :blobpats:
btw i also made some new creations and rework due to poor quality material.

@moagee poor quality material? should I have a second look at svgs and make some edits?

@lightone just in some cases, didn't mean your creations! ;)

@moagee Is that the equivalent of a promoted tweet on Mastodon? I don't like this.

Is it possible to integrate it in keyboards or matrix too?

Sorry, i don't know. But I can send you the graphics. Maybe you'll find out and try it!?

@moagee Great! Thank you! Already added it 😉

But could you put the political stuff in separate sets? That would bring much more order.

@moagee Großartig! Wie kann man die installieren ...?

@moagee Ich hatte den Beitrag am Rechner gesehen und war gar nicht auf die Idee gekommen, den Link vom Handy aus zu öffnen. 🙈

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