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Anyway I'm looking for any kind of Game Development related content I at some point recorded to put into
a portfolio... not going great so far

Don't mind me who just started typing mastodon and completely forgetting that it's not centralised and I need to type instead lmao

I was way too busy spamming Twitter with Eurovision content that I forgot to spam mastodon so... Consider yourself lucky..?

Did I just write a whole settings manager to interact with a setting api just to save one string? Maybe.

I gotta clean my desk but I don't wannaaaa

I got a now and I have so many ideas to use it with. Haha of course they're productive ideas what do you mean I'm lying?

Why did I decide to take the official Mastodon app? Sure it's pretty but hell the amount of features missing

I have about 2 hours left before work and I don't know what to do

Once into a nap it's very hard to get out of it


I really should start making a proper website

Today I got told that I have to register as a small business for the honorary contract which makes me earn ~648.96€ a month (if each day works which is very unlikely). At least I don't have to pay extra taxes.

I managed to do my laundry in one day today. That is a big success for me.

I am once again looking for Linux Distros to put on my laptop instead of KDE Neon

somethings seems off when my Linux OS runs worse than my windows 11 OS

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Time to look through all possible available apps for Mastodon and suppress the urge to write an own app

Does anyone have some fun tutorials or tools to work with Lottie animations? I kinda got the svg animated in a different software but not the 200€ to export them to Lottie

Sometimes I wonder if I should make my own Mastodon instance, I don't really have a reason to or a domain, so it is just a random thought lol

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