This is the official Mastodon account for the site switching.social.

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at switching.social

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

#Introductions #NewHere #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #ReplaceFacebook


@switchingsocial @nickfarr Your site is really resourceful and useful, but the font is really really hard to read. Any chance that's going to change?

@morre @nickfarr

It's meant to give the site a non-technical vibe, but if it's difficult to read then that would be a problem.

Is there a particular font or other site that you would suggest as an alternative?

@switchingsocial @morre @nickfarr Something with straight lines, something simple. Arial or alike would be best to read. I'm not sure if the message that your site is aimed at non-technical people need to be conveyed through it's font type. Making sure that all necessary info can be easily accessed should be a higher priority I think. But that's just my opinion.

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