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Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

@mot Holy heck that's so cool! How does the USB thingy work?

@mot so cool I get an urge to install Windows just to use it


I'll try, haha.

But this could be used within an OS, right?

@mot Pretty cool.

What happens if you flip the switch in the middle of normal operation?

@urusan I guess nothing, as it changes a FAT16 partition on an emulated USB mass storage that is only processed by GRUB in the boot process:

@mot Aw dang, that's neat!

Literally less than a month ago I was struggling with setting up a dual boot, and considered building something like this for myself.

@mot whats the tweet link? curious how that works. my best guess is two SD cards...

@mot This is really cool! I tried to get more into emulating a virtual file system with an Arduino (or related, like STM32), but I find that so much effort (like you described in the log). Well done!

I think the community would really benefit from being able to communicate with embedded devices via virtual files.

@mot That is so cool! Could a dial work, for more options?

@mot Could you make a small tuto out of it ? If it's only this config bit and card to buy, I kinda want to give this to friends and myself :o

@mot More positions needed for multiple distros ;)

@mot Now use one of those cool hex switches and it could be used for recovery images and such!

@mot I have wondered about doing something similar! Love it :allthethings:

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