“Privilege is the human version of ‘works on my machine’” — @lrnrd #jsconfbp (photo @janl)

I saw someone making a point that tearing down statues isn't history because "vandalism isn't history." My dude I've got some news for you about the Vandals

.gay tld offends saudi arabia 

Saudi Arabia's Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) filed an objection against the TLD, citing that "Many societies and cultures consider homosexuality to be contrary to their culture, morality or religion. The creation of a gTLD string which promotes homosexuality will be offensive to these societies and cultures. We respectfully request that ICANN refuse the application for this gTLD."

Predator drone flying over Minneapolis.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we saw these deployed against US citizens.

Sometimes you're doing journalism and you're like. Oh, they're talking about an sketchy appliance that's only being made for the U.S Army. I wonder if it's on Ebay.

I won the auction on Ebay for $5 for an U.S army 10gbit deep packet inspector. LOL

Write up incoming after it has shipped to me.

@vegos@loadaverage.org I seem to can follow You!

"In order to receive development assistance, Tanzania has to give Western agribusiness full freedom and give enclosed protection for patented seeds. “Eighty percent of the seeds are being shared and sold in an informal system between neighbors, friends and family. The new law criminalizes the practice in Tanzania,” says Michael Farrelly of TOAM, an organic farming movement in Tanzania."

The freer the market, the freer the people


Zoom acquired Keybase today.

Keybase helped me to identify a trend in the software industry: using a pretty UI to cover up the disruption of an open ecosystem with a closed, centralized replacement. Keybase seemed cool on the face of it - making encryption easier is a laudible goal, and PGP certainly could use the improvement. But, thanks to Keybase, now I ask different questions upfront.

Beware the Keybase formula:

1. Integrates with an existing, open ecosystem
2. May have open-source clients, but server is closed source and does not federate
3. Pretty UI and good marketing
4. VC funded

I got curious about eastern europe #retrocomputing and started
with #polish #polski #poland:

One of their pioneers is Jacek Karpiński


who developed revolutionary and gorgeous computers:

* AKAT-1 - a 1960s analog computer:


* K-202 - revolutionary 16bit micro computer, no mass production

* KAR-65 - kind of a typical office computer

Though he suffered from censorship and become a pig farmer.


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The Government™ has made an ad about the global response to the pandemic, and it's surprisingly honest and informative 🌏📺

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TIL that:

(1) mpeg4 audio stream decoding, being based on "CSound" - a 1980's audio tool from MIT - is Turing complete, per spec.

(2) mpeg4 has, for backcompat reasons, got a cutout in the spec for embedding MIDI information to be interpreted by spec-compliant decoders.

(3) MIDI, in turn - and again per spec - enjoys a privileged and unauthenticated control channel for the purposes of updating audio device firmware.

So, the spec says playing the wrong audio file might root your hardware.


Danish news site reminds people of being skeptical of how news photographers take pictures. Here is the same place, one picture taken with a zoom lense, and the other with a wide-angle lense: nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2020-0…
Hvor tæt er folk på hinanden? Disse billeder er taget samtidig, men viser to meget forskellige ting

Oh my, just look at the crime rate skyrocketing now that face masks are worn all over the place! Clearly all these public face mask bans were crucially important in keeping people in check.

#Privacy #Surveillance #RealityCheck

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