"Cars make us lonely." —Donald Appleyard, Livable Streets, 1981.

Opera Unite tried decentral­izing the web ten years ago - Daniel Aleksandersen "Ctrl.Blog": ctrl.blog/entry/opera-unite.ht

Canada Formally Declares Proud Boys a Terrorist Group

The designation could see bank accounts linked to the group frozen and assets seized, while also expanding police investigative powers.

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TIL the assumption that string length does not change when upper-cased is false!

@LabB, my hackerspace, is going to throw a #solarpunk themed new years #dance party in #btv. When poking around on youtube, most of the explicitly "solarpunk" music is pretty ambienty. Which is cool, but not terribly danceable.

So, Fediverse, what songs would you put on a solarpunk dance mix?

They should make a 8086-core 8086 CPU using the Intel 7 semiconductor process.

Amazing sport I started this summer, excited to already see progress & it's always an awesome way to start a day, even in November fog.

Two weeks later with Doom Emacs (with native code compilation) and the experience has been great!

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I must admit that after the first trailer I already had biased low expectation. But after half of the season I can say; The style and the design of characters makes one want more, hope there is another season.

Ponoć weganizm jest taki drogi.. A tymczasem wg badaczy z Oxfordu jest dokładnie odwrotnie

"Okazuje się, że w krajach rozwiniętych koszt zdrowej diety jest o 22-34 proc. niższy od diety mięsnej. Pierwsza na liście jest dieta wegańska, która może zaoszczędzić nam nawet 30 proc. kosztów, kolejna wegetariańska, a tuż za nią fleksitariańska, czyli taka, gdzie ograniczamy spożycie mięsa do minimum"




I think Greenpeace is already losing ground - their success in this field was based in the anti-nuclear movements based on Cold War threat of global nuclear war.

The generation of our parents was literally scared to death of the idea of a “total nuclear holocaust” and it was welcoming any kind of anti-scientific bullshit as long as it matched these fears. I can see the generation of my kids simply doesn’t get it and their thinking is much more based in reality - “so nuclear is low-carbon? and just two serious incidents over half century? oh ok, let’s have more of it”.

Even people who were initially biased by anti-nuclear propaganda, when you show them electricitymap.org, they just open their eyes and see they have been lied to. Which left Greenpeace, an organisation based on private donations driven by hype and PR, with only die-hard anti-nuclear and anti-GMO fanatics, since everyone who had something to do with science left Greenpeace long ago.

What do you think about demands of peoplesdeclaration.net/ ?
Do you think it's possible to regulate surveillance economy technology, which viciousness often lies in a details - hard to pinpoint from political or legal angle?

The horrible cookie regulation comes to my mind - it did not really fix our lives, we can still only rely and trust the browser settings, but now we have an annoying cookie consent UI to click through on every freaking website.

Is the People's Declaration same in its fate?

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