FLOSS developer intentionally corrupts his libraries and has multiple depending applications print out garbage, stating that "I am no longer going to support Fortune 500s [...] with my free work."


#FLOSS #labor


@fcr fascinating to watch a disobedience strategy to negotiate with big capital. However, the demand for 6 figure salary is individual and lacks solidarity & collective action. The debate whether such act is justified or not avoids the topic of copyleft, used as a collective, systemic solution to corporate exploitation.

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I have a lot of respect to BSD license/software, but BSD developers were badass enough and had institution support to just let go of their work. The new wave of contributors of NPM ecosystem swallowed the pill of MIT/Apache default. No headache with viral license right? Also better for companies right? And there you have it.

@fcr I wouldn't say NPM ecosystem has a lot in common with community or concept like "software as a garden". It's an environment of harsh competition where old bundlers and frameworks are not taken care of but depreciated and replaced by new, better and faster, every year. An ecosystem of multiple innovation - perhaps - but vulnerable to corporate cherry picking of projects and of spitting out burnt out developers.


@movonw @fcr also, a way better strategy is to release stuff under the AGPL. Big Tech is allergic to it.

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