The UX of’ interactive movie “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” – a thread…

1. There‘s no linear version to play on unsupported devices, although support documents on interactive content claim that there should be.

2. The Apple TV 4, which is used as the main streaming device, (hooked up to surround sound and projector), suddenly becomes unusable.

3. Mid 2017 MacBook Pro Retina with USB-C-to-HDMI-adapter requires using Safari and the Intel ME secure video path to allow for 1080p-playback. This results in flicker and stutter every time UI elements (choosing interactive options) are shown on top of video.

4. Adding a hacky extension to Firefox allows for 1080p-playback on unsupported browsers while bypassing Intel ME. Multi-channel-audio seems to just magically work, but OS X struggles with 24p-playback and sometimes just resets (?) the HDMI-connection, cutting audio and video.

5. I’m now wondering how to solve this problem with money but there aren’t any resources on set-top boxes officially supporting interactive content.
Should I just buy a Playstation 4 to watch Bandersnatch and return it afterwards? 🙄 w/

6. After the PS4 was delivered (, I was able to watch “Bandersnatch” – and while I think it was over too fast, even after exploring all the options and paths, it was a fun experience.

7. Sidenote: the Netflix-PS4-app doesn’t do framerate switching, so a 24p-title will be shown on the TV/projector at 60fps, unless (and I think that happened in my case) it is able to perform a thing called reverse-telecine.


8. PS4 is gone, it did an okay job with playing “Bandersnatch” but aside from that I think Sony does not do a good job in making this device approachable to “noobs”.

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