How do factors influence the willingness to use apps to help fight . We studied differences between US, Germany and China.

Joint work with C. Utz,
S. Becker, T. Schnitzler,
F. Farke, F. Herbert, M. Dürmuth and L. Schaewitz

We presented ~1000 participants in each countrie with ten different scenarios of apps for purposes like symptom checking, quarantine enforcement, contact tracing, and others. We varied factors in line with

Overall, the willingness to use any app was highest in China, followed by Germany. US participants are least likely to install an App, although they have similar expectations of others to use it.

Contact Tracing Apps are favored across all countries regardless of any other factors, while apps that enforce quarantines are least wanted.

We used cumulative link mixed models to understand how other factors influence the adoption. Overall we found that privacy-friendly apps are more likely to be installed and used.


Interestingly, participants are more likely to use apps that have positive effects for the general public over individual advantages.

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In free-text answers, many participants, especially in Germany and the US, raised concerns about data privacy and government surveillance.

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