FYI since username changing is (currently) not supported I made a new account: @strangeglyph

"On your current contract, only IPv6 port forwarding is supported" FFS

Freundliche Erinnerung das morgen Feiertag ist. Geht einkaufen.

For your consideration: Die TCP 2018 ist nächste Woche:

That feeling when you hear a song and it instantly brings you back to a mindset years ago.

"Pseudorelativistic Dirac Quasiparticles" is the name of my new band

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Mindestens 150.000 Teilnehmer und damit eine der größten Demos in der jüngeren deutschen Geschichte!

Danke an alle, die dabei sind und zeigen, welche Sorgen von den Politikern wirklich Ernst genommen werden müssen.

Is there any windows installer that actually respects the 'do not create a desktop shortcut' option?

Not only that, now I also need to fix quoting issues in the url... argh

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Love it when I have to crawl through mail source code to find an activation link because apparently sending plain text links is hard.

Congress ticket: Clicked. See you soon.

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And also spent an unnecessary amount on effort on a trivial problem

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Achievement unlocked: Write a systemd service file

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"Set theory is wrong and is the product of diseased minds
There is a cult in academia: the worship of Cantor and it is a tumor that threatens progress / limits growth"

Uhh. Uhhhhh...

Fun fact: Pronounciation is also a noun, but it means some different (though related)

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