Hat hier jemand Erfahrung mit der Verwendung von #grafiktablett s unter #Linux ? Welche Geräte funktionieren gut, welche überhaupt nicht?
Does anyone here have experience with the use of #graphictablet s under #Linux ? Which devices do work, and which don't?

humble request 

Send me photos of trains you've travelled or you're about to travel with. Intercity, light rail and metro, old trains and new ones, those you took once or those you ride on a daily basis, show them to me. I fucking love trains & they make me happy. Choo-choo. ♡

Open-source alternatives - Find open-source alternatives for your favorite apps opensource.builders/

"git is to Github what porn is to PornHub"

Kennt ihr BigBlueButton Instanzen, die bbb-easy-join (github.com/stadtulm/bbb-easy-j) oder ein ähnliches Frontend benutzen? Es geht um Instanzen, die für jeden ohne Anmeldung benutzbar sind.

During this time where many are isolating, if you've got a VHF/UHF radio around, try calling on a local repeater or even FM calling channel. If you're in an area where those bands are usually "dead" this could be the time to make a contact. I'm going to try to be on the local repeaters more, and program the radio to scan simplex channels too.

Die Mortalitätsrate (alle Verkehrsteilnehmer!) lag bei 0,056 Promille (!!) für ein ganzes Jahr (!!!). Solche steilen Thesen sind gefährlich und sollten nicht unwidersprochen bleiben. de.statista.com/statistik/date

til: unser workshop "angewandte konsensdemokratie" geht auch online. also, wer möchte ...

Digitales Semester haben sie gesagt. Übers Internet haben sie gesagt.

Timeout sagt studip.

Just put in an order for a PinePhone, a PineBook Pro, and a PineTime (thanks Pine folks for invoicing us so we don’t have to use PayPal). Can’t wait to play and hopefully port Site.js to the phone and laptop (already runs on ARM but I had issues compiling with Nexe for ARM64 when I had a brief look for the Raspberry Pi 4). The PineTime is a bit outside my comfort zone but looking forward to getting my hands dirty. Really love their approach and where they’re going with things.

meet.quackquackgo.nl just got an git pull to the latest docker Jitsi Meet version. If you experience any problems, do let me know!

"I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."

-- Bjarne Stroustrup

Ich habe die Videochat Server Seite der #Jitsi #Instanzen jetzt auch mal auf den GGC Server gelegt.

Teilt das bitte mal ein bisschen, damit @nipos sich mal anschauen kann welche Problem es mit Plume gibt.


If you could end COVID-19 by sacrificing one programming language, which one would you choose and why is it PHP?

Yesterday Pink Floyd released a re-edited 1994 show. 90 minutes of joy for me:

Freunde der kreativen Abendgestaltung, hier ist jetzt schrägbandfreie Zone. Ich säume die einfach um und wer den Pfusch sieht, ist zu nah dran. 😜

Just a quick reminder:Many people now use and other tools that were written by people and projects that gotten neglected for many years.Some fine people I know work on stuff with financial issues and do not complain too much.

Consider donating if you are able
- skill, help some projects! (code/translation/a11y)
- time, there are many small task/housekeeping that are neglected, testing needs to be done
- communication/tutorials (userproof documentation)
- money
- run infrastructure

An die Mastodon-Admins da draußen: Wenn ihr gute Tipps habt, die man bei der Installation, Betrieb und Wartung einer Mastodon-Instanz beachten sollte, dann könnt ihr die gerne an mich einsenden. Wäre super. Danke!


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