Nothing to do?

You can help to create/improve an open map for everyone by contributing to @openstreetmap.

() is a map anyone can use and edit, even you!

Learn more on

Or help on the go (if you can still go out alone, walking in the sunshine won't hurt) with the app:
It's also very helpful to go through notes left by (e.g.) StreetComplete users and solve them:


@rugk @openstreetmap Additionally thiese skills are valueable. Not only now, but for other uses/times and disasters as well.

Humanitarian Open Streetmap team (hotosm) has a record of working with many organizations and in many crisis. Be it Missing Maps, Hurricans, or floods. Even UN highly valued and mentioned their contributions years ago.

They allow armchair mapping and validations. Their stuff is used by UN, MSF and others.

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