SORMAS, COVID, modelling 

I am looking for a dataset of a couple of families from various fictious series that can be used to illustrate sormas modelling of households.

I need: Names, households, age, occupation (including essential workers), place of work, preconditions
Household range from 1-10. Age range from days to 100yrs

Anyone know of a fitting dataset/universe to use?
Need about roughly 100-1k entries.
Mixing multiple universes is fine and desired, so people recognize hh easier.

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SORMAS, COVID, modelling 

PS: Random data does not cut it.
Families are rarely not distinguishable with rare exceptions. Most share same surname, address, phone number

Furthermore important is that some have NON trivial spelling. Peter Pan is nice to have, but a willow-the-wisp is not willow wips is not willow the wisp.
Goal is to show fuckups in UX. Stuff people are good in (grouping) failing in large datasets with shit UX.
Illustrating that certain workflows bring speedup of multiple x


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