Time to return to an old tradition, here is a picture from yesterday's hike, not posted on other social media.
Nice views from Spitzingsee mountains on all of the western Alps.

Panorama from last weekend. Phenomenal view from the Rifugio Sasso Nero

Hier sind mal wieder ein Paar Bilder von gestern, die es nicht auf der Birdsite gibt

Keeping up with posting exclusive photos here, you get the cloudy view from Schwarzenstein Glazier towards Berliner Hütte and back to Schwarzenstein Hütte (Refugio Sasso Nero)

Sunset at on the border between Austria and Germany. Still a lot of snow up here

And the second from the badge, way milder than its Islay brother

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This beer comes from an Ard Beg Barrel, and it shows!

Yankee & Kraut / Raven - Woda Portowa, a great, wonderfully smooth Imperial Baltic Porter

And a Panorama of the Venediger Glazier as small mastodon-exclusive post ;-)

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Edelweiß, spotted yesterday on the Berg Prinzessinnen Weg between Essen-Rostocker-Hut and Clara Hut

Lake near Pforzheimer Hütte, a beautiful and quiet corner of the Austrian Alps

Short trip to the Erlanger Hut this Weekend, awesome location, great staff, awesome food, will visit again!

I havn't had a proper fush''n'chups in too long time (yes, that's how it is pronounced in )

today 8 years ago, we used the shitty weather an started drinking at lunch

bouldering in an old brewery somewhere in the nowhere


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