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For years, Mattel marketed a Barbie typewriter. When they switched from mechanical to electronic typewriters, they chose to license from a Slovenian manufacturer, Mehano, who readily supplied their E-115 (and later 116-118) model.

But these typewriters had a secret: hold SHIFT and LOCK, and press one of the first four keys on the first row, and the typewriter switches into substitution-cipher mode, encoding whatever you type:

Lake near Pforzheimer Hütte, a beautiful and quiet corner of the Austrian Alps

Short trip to the Erlanger Hut this Weekend, awesome location, great staff, awesome food, will visit again!

Ich hörte, es gibt nochmal ICMP Tickets
/CC @rixx

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"The company that sent me the pictured fingerprint lock has provided the security quote of the year: “...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.”"

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The ".cab" extension in Windows stands for "cabbage"

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I love cryptography fight club. :D

Linux Cryptography — [PATCH v2 0/5] crypto: Speck support

So, today we get the 2 most annoying discussions of the open source community: "one big company is evil, while another one was good" and people disagreeing with the style of project lead in an open source project, yay.

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i already knew that TeX packages are big but this is rediculous

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Ohai. Sucht wer WG in Wien? Ist ziemlich fluffigkeits-zertifiziert. Ab Juli-ish. 6 Menschen und 2 Katzen, awesome Hochbetten, zwei Terrassen. :ok_hand_b2:

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@mxk I think that stems from the American fetishization of the military. We understand that Russia is a threat, and the military is how we express our dominance in the world, so dealing with a threat must require deployment of our military. Other countries which fail to deploy their militaries in response to those threats must either be ignorant or weak. The idea that there may be better or at least alternate tools to dealing with threats simply doesn't register here.

Time in relationships is such a relative thing, I spend 3 years, all long distance with mit current primary and yet, there still are people I spend so much more time with, in way less time. I never would have wished it to be that way, but this does not mean I would want to miss it!

Why do Americans assume, Europe (esp. Germany) needs to be defended against Russia?
Even if you would assume that to be true, which I don't, french nuclear umbrella would be totally sufficient, without the risks associated with NATO and Donald Trump

I miss being around arcane hardware, automotive infotainment systems are too sane hardware wise

Jetzt wo es gibt, wird sich dieses Mastodon bestimmt durchsetzen! (Hallo @siccegge

First trip to the Alps for this year will be a coming Home of a kind, visiting the Neue Fürther Hütte for the 4. time, but this time it will be a quiet saison opening

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