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I need a RAIG
(Redundant Array of Independent Girlfriends)

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Irgendwie mag ich es ja, wenn wackelt. Da fühle ich mich immer an früher auf Twitter erinnert. Fehlt nur der Failwhale :)

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Oversimplified Norwegian language history lesson:

Norway basically spoke Danish. We share the same norse origins, but we were ruled by or in unions with Denmark and Sweden. Most of our kings didn't even speak Norwegian, they spoke Danish. So Norwegian is heavily influenced by Swedish and Danish, but mostly Danish.

Riksmål is the traditional name for this kind of Norwegian Danish-dialect pretty much. Which is the closest thing to the Bokmål we have today.

Come independence process 1814 and the surrounding years. Norway starts going "so... is it about time we properly decide what our own Norwegian language should be and make a standard that not basically a Danish dialect?"

To help solve this, some guy called Ivar Aasen decides to travel across rural areas of Norway, at least a considerable amount of them keeping in mind the travel methods of the 1800s, and then creates an "Average" written Norwegian based on how people really speak Norwegian around the country. This was called Nynorsk ("New Norwegian" or "Neo-Norwegian")

So there were two contenders:
- Riksmål (Closest equivalent to today's bokmål)
- Nynorsk

The capital goes "Hey wait a minute, this Norwegian sounds nothing like the Danish one we speak here in the capital!" (No shit sherlock)

So the capital who sits on most of the rubber stamps goes "No way, we don't want to standardize and enforce this Norwegian, because it's nothing like what we speak" (Norway wasn't the famous rich paradise it is today, so representation of people outside of the capital on most political decisions was a bit mediocre at best)

While the rest of the country goes "No shit, the whole point was to figure out what actual Norwegian sounds like, don't get butthurt now because it turns out you're too close to the Danes"

Fast forward to 2020, and still not resolved in the slightest.

And I'm pretty sure they just flat out forgot to make a proper spoken standard. Or maybe they didn't want to open yet another can of worms until they solved the written one.
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Dear angels,

we would be really happy to party with you tonight. So do us and yourself a favor and know your limits.

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NSFW, blague communisme 

Lewd masto accounts in a nutshell

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RLRT: "Kratz mich, beiß mich, gib mir SSIDs."

Keeping up with posting exclusive photos here, you get the cloudy view from Schwarzenstein Glazier towards Berliner Hütte and back to Schwarzenstein Hütte (Refugio Sasso Nero)

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Gibts schon ne Liste mit DJ-Sets vom ? Ich find nix im Wiki…

Sunset at on the border between Austria and Germany. Still a lot of snow up here

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Wie seht ihr das eigentlich, mögt ihr lieber den richtigen Kartoffelsalat oder den Falschen?

Kartoffelsalat ist nur richtig mit:

Mir geht es wirklich gut, ich weiß grad gar nicht, was das ist
Dass mir ausgerechnet Tränen kommen, wenn du mal bei mir bist

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i bought a witchcraft book that was written in the 90s and oh man it does NOT disappoint

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german language 

Vorschlag: Einwöchiger IT Kongress, der Chaostage heißt.

Schlage Hannover als Austragungsort vor.

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Electron apps are not really apps, they are just web pages with rudimentary heavy-weight browsers included.

If you are about your users' well-being, please, don't use Electron in your project. Using more than 300 MB of RAM and slowing down the whole system just to edit a small text file or send a chat message is a sin.

Thank you.

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@clacke Yeah, it's kind of become a pet peeve of mine the past few years, since the research is pretty clear. Most of the well-kown dyslexia fonts were not even made by type designers (and I don't mean to go elitist there, I just mean it's a hobbyist thing and not a professional thing) much less tested. The desire to help is understandable, but there are no easy solutions.

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@n8 Wow, this was a very enlightening read. I had no idea. Thanks.

> The important thing to know is that the research that led to the publicity of dyslexia fonts was preliminary. It didn’t meet the standards of rigorous research. For that, the research would have used controlled, randomized studies that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The studies also would have been replicated by other researchers.

> Since then, however, there have been three solid, peer-reviewed research studies on these fonts. They were done in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Together they conclude that the Dyslexie or Open Dyslexic font have no measurable benefits or deliver any reading gains.…
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