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Hey, I'm n0toose. I'm a 🇬🇷 that somehow wound up 🇩🇪, currently studying Computer Engineering in Aachen.

I enjoy working on free and open source software and tinkering around with different technologies. I also like making photos and music, as well as traveling and figuring out how the world around me works.

(I write both in English and German, currently learning Dutch.)

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I just brought my website back up! To celebrate, I just published a blog post as to why I am moving away from using GitHub to host my personal projects and why you may want to do that as well. Mostly consists of first-hand experiences and observations:

I am really not sure why people keep reposting Bryan Lunduke's content, he's literally an IT Crowd character if Graham Linehan wrote it in 2022.

After all, I am just as entitled to other peoples' time as they are with mine.

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Just released some old configurations for the MSI GS65 Stealth (10SDR) gaming laptop from last year. A lot of things work, some did not.

Was a fun experiment, I even stuck an Apple sticker on top of laptop so that I could try "convincing" them that this gaming laptop is the newest MacBook! :^)

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Starting a band called Main Page. We will quickly become popular, since Wikipedia will have no choice but to include a disambiguation link to us at the top of its own homepage.

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Still kinda taken with Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

What a stunning film. Heartbreakingly gorgeous.

I am not really as salty as I come across, but when we're talking about thousands of people, can't there be even one statistical anomaly that may test this, figure out that something's weird and send a patch?

Conceptually, it's only mind-boggling.

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It's a bit weird how the sister project that distributes Tor bridges through Telegram was enough to fill a room at the DEFCON conference with "2000-3000 people" according to a friend who was there and sent me a picture, but for my own project, I bugged strangers for help and only received helped by the only other one contributor I was frankly too embarrassed to ask.

Why is there such a huge disconnect between people who are interested in something and the people who want to help so often?

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Hell, we already detect the locale that the user speaks and use it to ask them **in their own language** what language they would like to use.

If it works there, it can work for later.

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The issue is relatively easy. We already detect the user's language, and we have to use that to "switch to their language" depending on two different scenarios:

a) the language that Telegram is set to is English.
b) the language that the user uses does not have a corresponding translation, and we have to ask the user if they'd rather use something else.

It's a small UX thing, but it will make using this bot much more convenient. Fewer clicks/taps mean less confusion and more efficiency!

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I am currently overloaded, I would appreciate any help with this.

Hi, if you want to help me assist others in circumventing censorship more easily, you can help my exam-ridden self with this very easy issue for the Telegram bot that sends people copies of the Tor Browser (

You can find all of the sweet details here, I am available to answer questions:

awfultune - Darling Get Up

it's a concept, but there are some very heartwarming vocals around the end that make me obsessed with this song.

Life does get simpler once you realize what kinds of things absolutely do not matter.

All of these comments are basically real (just with removed context to make them as 'generally applicable'' as possible), including the last one, which was said by a figure working in information security with nearly 100k followers.

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Some potential comments:
- "This thing can be installed this way and steal data that way."
- "There is a huge industry of cybercriminals."
- "Cybercrime threatens our infrastructure."
- "Cybercrime threatens the world as we know it."
- "We suspect that it's the Russians, the North Koreans or the Chinese that did it, even if we have no conclusive proof yet."
- "We suspect that it's the Russians, the North Koreans or the Chinese, and we do have conclusive proof."
- "They should all get executed."

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The experts from the said cybersecurity firms that always get asked for a comment just state the most obvious thing possible, as the amount of time that they were aware about the contents of this article is most likely the same amount of time since they read the email asking them for a comment on the situation.

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How every cybersecurity-related article is constructed:

- "Something bad happened!"
- 'We consulted this random cybersecurity company for their expertise, they reportedly told us "Oh yeah, that sucks! Yikes!"'
- 'Everything sucks. We won't tell you how to fix this problem that could personally affect you, as our goal is to tell you that, once again, everything sucks.'
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