"the murder was committed by someone able to go through the cracks in the door, say, a shapeshifter"

wait a minute, they're in space. and they have cracks in their doors. 😂

EMH: "You're a woman, Seven"
7: "Is than an observation, or a diagnosis?"

"I fail to see the benefit of monogamous relationships", Seven of Nine,

"my mom says, cooperation is more important than competition"

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MiniTokyo3d. ❤️ 🚋 🚅

Visualisierung des öffentlichen Verkehrs in Tokyo auf Basis von Open Data.

Visualisation of public transportation in Tokyo based on open data.


And it is good to know that the project gets a little support from the @PrototypeFund

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Would you like to support/ contribute to @openstreetmap, but haven't find a tool to do it with ease?
If you haven't tried Street Complete yet, don't give up.
During a chill session at home or on a lovely walk outside, you can easily add your local knowledge to the crowdsourced treasure box that is OSM.
I personally love it!
Available on and playstore



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+++ DEMO WEEK RELEASE (11/17) 📺+++
Das Projekt StreetComplete vervollständigt die @openstreetmap mithilfe von Gamifizierung:

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+++ DEMO WEEK RELEASE (1/17) 📺+++
Das Projekt Oh My Git! erschafft einen spielerischen
Zugang zum Lernen von Git: demoweek.prototypefund.de/proj

"EMH: Stop breathing down my neck!
EMH2: My breathing is merely a simulation!
EMH: So is my neck! Stop it anyway!"

"there's coffee in that nebula"
random quotes

does anyone here know what happens with the .world after the ?

could not find any reliable info 😳
it would be sooo awesome to keep it running...

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RT @LeaAlixPeacock@twitter.com

Die großartige @codeforde@twitter.com-Community hat einen Hackathon-Leitfaden für Verwaltungen geschrieben. Spoiler: 300 Prototypen machen noch keine Lösung. codefor.de/blog/hackathon-leit

🐦🔗: twitter.com/LeaAlixPeacock/sta

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Save the date: In zwei Wochen spricht @bleeptrack im Community-Talk über ihre generative Code-Kunst: Es geht um unendlich viele individuelle Käfer und Blumen, die aus Algorithmen wachsen und um künstlerisches Hacken.

"Open Government and Open Data is not a nice to have. In a crisis, for example, it can also allow a quick and reliable procurement for critically needed equipment". Rebecca Rumbul, MySociety

I just drank an organic beer that expired in July 2016, stored semi-chilled (8-20°C variation) since, ahem I dunno when. I don't even know anymore where I got it from, probably a couchsurfer.
It tasted like... beer.

Hello everyone,
Do you know free / open source / GDPR proof tools to conduct secret voting / Polling?
Confirmation/identification via email to prove legitimacy.
Thanks <3

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