If you run a pyramid scheme with money they call it "evil", and "conniving", but you run a pyramid scheme with people's labor it's "entrepreneurship"

I just had my server freeze on me and now after resetting it, four of six RAID members seem to have gotten their superblocks deleted...? 😱

If any of you folks have experience with mdadm raids, it would be awesome if you could give your opinion on this and if/how I could recover the raid array. I've documented it here in more detail:

Sagt mal, wie lösen eigentlich GPG-Keyserver die Anforderungen der DSGVO? Die DSGVO gibt mir ja das Recht, permanent meine persönlichen Daten von Servern zu löschen, Mail-Adressen und Namen gehören ohne Zweifel dazu.

Das ist bei der Keyserver-Infrastruktur aber nicht vorgesehen, da soll immer alles erhalten bleiben. Wie wird das denn gelöst?

(Eigentlich müssten solche Mechanismen zur permanenten Löschung schon länger existieren, schließlich gibt es sicher immer wieder Abuse...)

hot tip: keep an image of a hippo taking a bath on all your devices then if it's someone's birthday and you're not sure what to say just send that and say "hippo bathday." they're guaranteed to love it

politik: "die heutige jugend ist politisch so desinteressiert"

jugend: "reden wir über klimaschutz..."

politik: "warum seid ihr nicht in der schule?"

jugend: "... und über #artikel11 & #artikel13 "


@aral Have you heard of "free as in helicopter"?

Someone gives you a free helicopter. Awesome, right? But if you don't know how to fly a helicopter it's useles to you.

Plagiarism / teaching / real talk 

looking @ this in my husband's old syllabus:

Plagiarism is a type of cheating that usually deals with writing papers. I am begging you, on my knees, not to plagiarize anything. Not only will it make your life miserable when I catch you, but it will make _my_ life miserable when I catch you. I’ll have to have awkward meetings with people, and fill out forms and write letters explaining why I’m failing you. And that is the most awful experience a teacher can have.

Kernbohrungen legen nah: Die letzten 100 Jahre waren die wärmsten in der Arktis seit 115 000 Jahren. spektrum.de/news/erstmals-eisf

Armut in Deutschland:

5,14 Millionen Menschen können sich keine regelmäßige vollwertige Mahlzeit leisten,

21 Millionen keine unerwarteten Ausgaben von 1000 Euro stemmen,

16 Prozent aller Haushalte keinen Urlaub.

Aber wo wir schon mal bei #Barrierefreiheit hier auf #Mastodon sind, hat wer von Euch ne Idee, wie ich als Blinder im normalen Webinterface einen Thread lesen kann? Die liebe @kvinna und ich bekommen das nicht hin. Bei Pinafore geht es.

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guess which all-powerful tech monopoly is breaking ublock origin (and umatrix, and likely many other similar add-ons, such as noscript) in their browser, which happens to be the most popular browser in the world?


who could have foreseen this? who would ever think that an advertising company's web browser would end up breaking compatibility with an ad blocker? frankly i'm shocked


“*takes a shot, slams down the shot glass* bowser, mario, and peach are in a polyamorous triad with a kidnapping and rescue kink”

artist page: martinwhitmore.com

reflections on the dk64 stream 

you know what this hbomberguy shit feels like? it feels like the anti gamer gate. it feels like maybe we can actually take back cultural space from fucking insufferable reactionary shitheads and trolls

So, uh, it turns out there's no medical reason at all for people who menstruate to stop taking oral contraceptives 7 days out of every 28.

Apparently the guy who invented the things thought the Pope would be more likely to approve if the pills included a "window" to match the body's "natural flow". (Hint: he still didn't approve.)


fuck Im so inspired by the hb stream to contribute to and build more leftist internet spaces

Also thank you to everyone who is posting advice on how to keep up the good deeds

hi cis friends! (if you’re reading this while not being trans, that’s you!!) the dk64 stream is over but you can still replicate the experience!!! here’s how:

1. look at #TransCrowdFund here or on birdsite until you find someone with an active gofundme/ko-fi/paypal/etc. (this part should take about five seconds)
2. open the nearest window and stick your head out
3. shout “TRANS RIGHTS” into the void as you smash that donate button

it’s easy and it feels great to do!

caps, snarking about people who complain about 'safe spaces' 

*crashes into someone's house while they're taking a bubble bath* HOW DARE YOU RELAX. there's no hot water and bubbles in the REAL WORLD, get out of your safe space you snowflake

One of the new features in Mastodon is the instance directory – for example, on chaos.social/explore you can see lots of chaos.social users, based on their interests, to help you find new people to talk to or follow.

Of course, this feature is opt-in. You can opt in on your profiles settings pages – for chaos.social folks, that's here: chaos.social/settings/profile

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