Are there any recent *rootable* Android phones with a great camera AND a 3,5mm audio jack?

I'm not really happy with my OP3 anymore on that front, now that I saw the much better pictures that a Pixel 2 can take... but apparently recent phones have this weird "let's not have a normal audio jack" nonsense.

@natanji I know some people that recently got an BQ Aquaris X2 (though Lineage OS support is still in closed beta). You can unlock the bootloader and root it. Has USB-C and a regular headphone jack.

@natanji Well, I'm quite happy with the camera of my LG G5 but I don't know if it suits you. Rootable (and rooted).

@natanji the Samsung S9 qualifies if you get the non-US chipset variant. However such a big part of "good camera" these days seems to be software. I gave lineage a try (couldn't get google camera to work) and the photos were much worse without the Samsung camera software, unfortunately.

@joshsharp @natanji I also had an S9 with Lineage and besides losing the telephoto (the implementation of which is crappy anyway, as you can't switch to it on demand, the software decides by itself whether to use it or blow up the main camera image) I don't think the pictures were much worse (I used open camera)

@qwazix @natanji I think you mean the S9+, the S9 only has a single camera. That's good! I really noticed the lack of noise reduction and sharpening when I used open camera and similar apps. I went back to a Samsung-based rom though so I can't compare now.

@joshsharp @natanji yeah S9+, sorry. I didn't notice much difference though I always prefer less NR and sharpening as it allows me more leeway in post. It's true that there isn't a good libre photo editor for phones though.

I begrudgingly use snapseed which at least is standalone.

@natanji Why the rootable requirement? What is it that you do that requires root?

@nvsr Titanium Backup, for instance.

Also, it's so annoying when people question requirements instead of just accepting that some folks will look for different things than them...

@natanji Knowing why someone requires root helps with finding a device that can do those things without additional tinkering, but titanium backup is a good reason. I'm personally rocking a LG G4 which has a great camera and allows you to unlock the bootloader, but I really can't recommend this device due to all the hardware and software problems it has had, even though I haven't experienced them myself.

@natanji Though, you can make pretty extended backups through the use of ADB without having root access, which is great.

@natanji I guess the OnePlus 6 would qualify. The camera was ok for me, not as good as the Pixel 2 or the iPhone XS, but not terrible either. It is significantly weaker at night unfortunately.

Other than that it's an ok phone. Reception was reasonable, again worse than the iPhone XS but not terrible. The phone is very snappy due to good amounts of RAM.

I guess that's all I have.

@natanji Really happy with my Galaxy S7, Lineage OS fullroot and nice camera quality

@natanji It would be great if you could consider getting an ethical produced smartphone.


@uniq I'd really love to do that but their features sadly are very much lacking.

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