AuroraDroid – FOSS app store for Android:

– It is compatible with F-Droid repos, and comes with many more repos by default.
– Its UI is similar to AuroraStore (another app to access Google Play without Google Play Store).
– Available on F-Droid, or via GitLab (

#auroradroid #fdroid #android #appstore #alternative


Bitcoin's market cap is now ~2% of gold's market cap. I think it's fair to project growth to 20% in next 5-10 years.

If you believe in hard money, in tech, and in the future purchasing power of millennials, imo bitcoin is the perfect complement to an existing gold position.

Uh, oh. on got an upgrade. from to 🐍.

Make sure to backup your rss entries:
$ r2e opmlexport [<path>]

Then (after the upgrade):
$ r2e new [<email>]
$ r2e opmlimport [<path>]

Happy reading 📚 !

OpenBSD deaktiviert DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Firefox. Eine gute Entscheidung, der sich hoffentlich auch weitere Projekte anschließen.

Eine Anwendung bzw. Protokoll, das Systemeinstellungen / das System umgeht, finde ich höchst bedenklich.

@stsp Wow, that was great, nice way to highlight a bug report! Just attend their conference and do a lightning talk. :flan_evil:

Live stream link might break, but here's Maurice & Your's part:

"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Hmm. Is there an "important" difference between running @daily in a crontab and using /etc/daily.local?

New: 🐘 >30📆 = 💀
Meaning: Toots older then 30 days will be deleted.

h/t: @solene @hugh

It should be possible to have a list with hashtags. Like following hashtags.

The European Central Bank will restart its quantitative easing programme in November, with €20bn of bond purchases each month.

Meaning: Printing Money 💶 (a lot of it...)


Quantitive Easing explained:

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