The European Central Bank will restart its quantitative easing programme in November, with €20bn of bond purchases each month.

Meaning: Printing Money 💶 (a lot of it...)


Quantitive Easing explained:

Gold reserves per capita (grams/person):

🇨🇭Switzerland 137
🇱🇧Lebanon 69
🇨🇼Antilles 57
🇪🇺Eurozone 33
🇦🇼Aruba 29
🇰🇼Kuwait 28
🇸🇬Singapore 27
🇺🇸USA 26
🇱🇾Libya 22
🇹🇼Taiwan 18
🇶🇦Qatar 15
🇸🇪Sweden 14
🇻🇪Venezuela 13
🇩🇰Denmark 12
🇸🇦Saudi Arabia 11
🇮🇸Iceland 6
🇧🇭Bahrain 6

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