@cj i'm more or less healthy and i've a roof over me. And i have a full stomach. why should i hate a time ? It is at it is! And I am sure: everything will get better.
It's high time that something crass happens. Humanity seems to need to be jolted out of sleep very violently.
So actually everything is great!
But I know what you mean. Just look at the positive side, it's much bigger.

@naturzukunft @cj but countries like UK and African countries exist. Sadly, it's not going anywhere. I would say that we're at a mercy of randomness, but evolution (including that or RNA viruses) is irreversible, more and more fit versions will fuck us over more and more unless we will learn how to mutate those in labs and make preventive vaccines. Which is uh... Science fiction at this point of development. And even then, think about countries like the USA, Russia, Latvia, where there is a surplus of vaccines and yet people refuse to vaccinate.

That said, I absolutely agree with you that there are some positive aspects to it, but ask yourself -- would you rather live in a shittier version of 2019 or a better version of 2021? :)


@jonn @cj I prefer to live now!
Who is 'we' ? we humans, we living beings, we living beings and plants, ... We overuse the planet and all its resources. Something has to happen, because infinite growth is not possible. And if we don't understand this and think we can invent even better vaccines, then we will have to live with even worse consequences. We must learn to understand the causes and not treat the symptoms.

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